“Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s Miami reunion: A long-awaited moment to behold” –

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The Long-Awaited Reunion of Shakira and Gerard Piqué in Miami

After months of being separated due to the pandemic, Shakira and Gerard Piqué are finally reuniting in Miami. The power couple has been apart since March, when Spain went into lockdown and Piqué, who plays for FC Barcelona, had to stay in the country.

According to sources close to the couple, they are both thrilled to be together again. “They are going to see their faces,” one source said, referring to the fact that they have only been communicating via video calls and messages.

Shakira and Piqué have been together since 2011 and share two sons, 8-year-old Milan and 6-year-old Sasha. Despite rumors of a rocky patch in their relationship earlier this year, sources say that they are happier than ever and are excited to spend time together in Miami.

The couple has been spotted out and about in the city, with photos showing them holding hands and smiling. It is unclear how long they will be staying in Miami, but fans are excited to see them together again.

Their Relationship in the Public Eye

Shakira and Piqué’s relationship has been under intense scrutiny since they first got together. With Shakira being a global superstar and Piqué a famous football player, their every move is watched and analyzed.

The couple has been open about their relationship, regularly sharing photos of each other on social media and attending public events together. They have also been vocal about their support for each other’s careers, with Shakira often attending Piqué’s football games and Piqué showing up at Shakira’s concerts.

Despite the pressure of being in the public eye, the couple has managed to keep their relationship strong. They have been together for nearly a decade and have faced their fair share of rumors and gossip, but have always come out on top.

The Future of Shakira and Piqué’s Relationship

As for what’s next for Shakira and Piqué, sources say that they are taking things one day at a time. With the pandemic still raging on, it is unclear when Piqué will have to return to Spain or when Shakira will have to travel for work again.

But what is clear is that the couple is happy and in love. They have weathered many storms together and have come out stronger because of them. Whatever the future holds, fans are excited to see Shakira and Piqué together again and wish them all the best.

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