Shakira blames her mother-in-law for the worst look of her life

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There is a moment in your life that Shakira wants to forget completely, and for this he blames the mother for Pique.

The long-awaited new Era of the Colombian superstar is here, and he announces her posing for Vogue Mexico and Latin America. “Shakira, the musical icon that makes the world dance with her Latinity”, they headline.

In the interview, the mother of two talks about not only giving details of her new music, but talking about the success of her career and how she copes with some things. “People around me always try to remind me of what I mean or have represented on an artistic and musical level, but I forget what I have achieved and I always want to go for more.”

He continued: “That dissatisfaction is not entirely negative, it has something good. I never want to go back to what I have already done, I want to look elsewhere.”

When will we get the new from Shak?

The interpreter of Girl like me He regretted some stylistic choices, but there was one in particular that he called “the worst mistake of his life”, and blamed his mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeu.

Watch her in the video above and get all the details.

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