Shakira Opens Up: An Honest and Emotional Interview with the International Icon

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He is happy and exultant.

Shakira shines with her own light and each step she takes generates a huge expectation,

something that she has shown once again with her latest musical release with Manuel Turizo, Copa vacía.

A new single that comes after the success of Acrostic and that adds to her long list of hits in whose video clip she becomes a seductive mermaid leading a story of heartbreak.

Precisely for the promotion of the song, the artist from Barranquilla has granted an exclusive interview in which she has opened up about her professional facet, her more supportive side, her plans for the future and the new life she has begun in Miami with their children, Milan, 11, and Sasha, 9.

Meet Alejandra Espinoza, the presenter who has achieved Shakira’s long-awaited interview.

With a huge smile on her face, radiant and displaying the great sense of humor that characterizes her , Shakira has received the Mexican presenter Alejandra Espinoza in Paris, to whom she has shown her closest side. Together they have shared a relaxed face-to-face chat inside a hotel room in which Gerard Piqué’s ex-partner, 46, has felt so comfortable that she has launched into talking about her plans and dreams, now that has begun a vital new chapter in the city of Florida. Completely immersed in her role as a proud mother and in her work, she has spoken in this interview for Primer Impacto, from Univisión, about the latest joys she has experienced, many of them, opportunities that I had not had to date.

“I was invited to a couple of shows at Haute Couture Week here, in Paris. It’s the first time I’ve come to Fashion Week, so it’s been quite an experience,” he emotionally confessed to his interlocutor, whom he has He spoke very fondly of his time at the Viktor & Rolf and Fendi shows, something he considers “incredible”: “I have been very impressed by the amount of work that has to be put in and invested to achieve the impressive designs,” he added.

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But in addition to these achievements, to which is added the Woman of the Year 2023 award and that two of her songs occupy the podium of the most listened to Latin music list this year, Shakira wanted to put her aspirations on the table what lies ahead.

Although the last few months have not been easy for the talented Colombian, she has managed to reinvent herself and strengthen herself through her two greatest inclinations: music and her social work, which she promotes through her organization, the Barefoot feet Foundation. From there she fights to promote equal opportunities for young people, to whom she seeks to give a good education.

“My dream is to be able to continue growing and build many more schools, get more resources, both from the government and the private sector, and that every day more people understand that education is that agent of change. It is what can transform the lives of many families”, she said.

Proud to see “with my own eyes” how her foundation has “transformed lives”, Shakira has shown how happy it makes her to promote her most altruistic side, a dimension for which she will be recognized as an Agent of Change in the twentieth edition of the Premios Juventud on July 20. Inspiration and empowerment is what the signatory of Monotonía transmits, who has recognized that being a reference and an icon for millions of people is “a responsibility” that she feels as a duty and as her destiny at the same time: “It is something that I can’t escape and I can’t evade myself. I think that anyone who is public already has an influence on others and you have to be twice as careful when you know that there are people who follow you or imitate you.”

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Shakira gives a twist to her style as a luxury guest in the most exclusive ‘front rows’.

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