“Shakira’s Disapproval: Him Being in the City”

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Gerard Piqué’s visit to Miami to see his children with the singer Shakira, Sasha and Milan Piqué, continues to give a lot to talk about. After photos of the former Barça defender having lunch with the children in a restaurant were leaked earlier this week beach, now there are reports from Spain that the retired soccer player would be looking for a house in La Ciudad del Sol in order to facilitate visits to his children, since he continues to reside in Barcelona.

Looking for a Home in Miami

“Since December I will be looking for a place to reside and give stability for their children,” said a reporter for the Ana Rosa program on the Telecinco network in Spain. Specifically, the financial Downtown area is where Piqué is planning on finding a home. However, Shakira has made it clear that she doesn’t want him to be in Miami, as this would change everything in the visit agreement they both reached in November.

Visit Agreement

According to the visit agreement, Milan and Sasha would spend three vacation periods with their father and these must follow the school calendar. The three periods are Thanksgiving Day, and the Winter or Christmas breaks and Easter or Spring break. Custody also authorizes the former player to spend ten days of each month with his children plus a 70/30 split of the total percentage of the children’s summer vacations in favor of the father.

Future Plans

As mentioned on the Spanish program, Piqué’s move would occur “after the summer” when his children return from vacation. “The situation would change completely and everything previously reported would be extinguished,” said Ricardo Tamborero, director of the legal firm who defended Piqué, represents Piqué on these issues. “It would be replaced by a fully shared custody regime.”

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Overall, the situation is a complex one, but it’s clear that both Piqué and Shakira want what is best for their children. It remains to be seen what the future holds for this famous family!

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