“Shakira’s Lawyer Reveals Lawsuit Initiated by Gerard Piqué: Breaking the Silence”

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Shakira and Gerard Pique’s custody battle continues to make headlines. Despite living on different continents, their issues with custody have caused problems between them. Although they announced an agreement in December 2022, it seems the agreement has not been completely resolved.

According to reports, Shakira’s recent video release for her song “Ácróstico” caused Pique to consider legal action. The video includes footage of their children, Milan and Sasha, which Pique was not happy about. The Real Madrid defender’s attorney, Ramón Tamborero, spoke with him to pursue legal action.

However, Shakira has not been idle, and her representative, Pilar Mañé, has defended her actions. She asserted that Shakira always does what is best for her children and clearly knows how to handle her responsibilities. She even added that everything is going well and that the established agreement is being fulfilled. Pique travels to see his children, and the children will also spend time with his family in Barcelona.

Nevertheless, La Vanguardia reports that Pique plans to seek custody of his children again. Although he has not yet taken legal action, he has reportedly put pressure on his attorney to do so. Journalist Antonio Rossi went further, claiming that Pique has evidence that could damage Shakira’s image with regard to her relationship with her children.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen how this custody battle will end. Regardless of what happens, Shakira will always have her children’s best interests at heart, and Pique will continue to be a devoted father to them.

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