Shakira’s Love Life: Rejects Tom Cruise and Refuses Love

Shakira’s Love Life: Rejects Tom Cruise and Refuses Love

Shakira Reportedly Not Interested in Tom Cruise

After Shakira and Tom Cruise were spotted together at Formula 1 Miami, rumors started to circulate about a possible relationship between the two stars. However, according to a source who spoke to Heat magazine, Shakira is not interested in the Top Gun actor and has been begging him to stop pursuing her.

The insider revealed that Tom felt a strong connection to the Colombian singer when they met at the Grand Prix in Miami, even boasting to his closest friends about his supposed crush. He reportedly acted similarly to how he did when he met his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, in 2005.

However, Shakira has brushed off the rumors and told Tom that she’s not interested in dating anyone at the moment. She is focused on her children and career for now and doesn’t want any distractions.

Although she was flattered by Tom’s attention, she only accepted the flowers he sent her out of kindness. The rumors started to seem less funny to her when he started pursuing her more frequently.

Shakira and Tom Cruise have known each other for a long time, but they were never as close as they were at F1 Miami. They were simply hanging out as friends, but the press always tries to create a romance where there isn’t one.

After their meeting, Shakira was spotted with Mercedes Benz pilot Lewis Hamilton. However, rumors about a relationship between the two have also been ruled out. Shakira is simply enjoying her time in Miami and focusing on her priorities.

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