Shakira’s Recent Visit to Colombia Raises Alarms Regarding Father’s Health

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Shakira made a quick trip to Colombia, and it raised concerns over her father’s health. Shakira traveled with her children for the weekend to Cartagena and stayed in Caño Dulce, a tourist area. She visited her mother and other family members, but rumors suggest that the visit may have been to see her father, who is soon to undergo surgery.

William Mebarak, Shakira’s father, is 91 years old and requires surgery. Although there are no details on his condition, rumors suggest that a valve must be placed in his head to drain accumulated fluids. Family members may have been present to provide support, and Shakira’s children might have had a chance to see their grandfather.

Shakira has not made any statements regarding her father’s health. Despite this, on May 31, she shared a compilation of photos and videos on social media with her parents in the background. The singer seems to be nostalgic and emotional during this time.

Overall, Shakira’s recent trip may have been an emergency to see her father, William Mebarak, and family members. We hope he recovers quickly from his surgery and that he can spend Father’s Day with his loving family.

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