Shakira’s Return to Barcelona with Her Beloved Children Sasha and Milan

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After a recent lightning trip to Colombia to attend to her father’s health, Shakira will once again board a plane, this time with her children Sasha and Milan in tow. The Colombian singer is headed to Barcelona to hand over her children to their father and her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué. While Shakira and Piqué had previously come to an agreement on custody and visitation rights for their children, recent reports suggest that something may have changed, leading to Shakira’s upcoming trip to the Spanish city.

Temporarily, the children will stay in the care of Piqué, who was originally scheduled to travel to Miami to collect the youngsters since they have finished the school year in the US. However, due to unknown reasons, Piqué was unable to make the trip. To ensure their holiday plans with their father can go ahead as planned, Shakira has had to step in and travel to Barcelona instead, so the children can spend time with their grandparents and enjoy some time off with their father.

Despite this unexpected change to the plan, the custody agreement remains in place, with the children expected to reunite with their mother on June 19. Shakira and Piqué’s lawyers are currently working together to devise a plan for vacation and visitation time for the children.

Recently, it was reported that Shakira had fired her lawyer in Barcelona after months of successfully navigating the delicate negotiations with Piqué over their children’s custody. The singer recently hired an American law firm to represent her, while Piqué continues to work with the law firm of Ramón and Paola Tamborero.

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Rumors have also circulated that there may have been another reason for Shakira’s recent trip to Barcelona: an invitation to the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix by pilot Lewis Hamilton. However, there has been no official confirmation of this.

Meanwhile, Shakira recently made a trip to Colombia to attend to her father’s health. Shakira and her children were seen enjoying some time out at the Barranquilla Country Club. On Instagram, the singer shared photos and videos of her family, along with a clip of her latest song, “Acrostic.”

Shakira, born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, is a Colombian and Spanish singer and songwriter. She has two children, Milan and Sasha, with ex-partner Gerard Piqué. Recently, it was reported that Shakira is seeking a babysitter, with the salary rumoured to be $2,400 per month.

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