“Shakira’s Sacrifice: Leaving Her Kids Behind for Months”

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Shakira, the famous Colombian singer, may have to spend almost four months away from her children Milan and Sasha. The kids will be accompanying their father Gerard Piqué to Spain at the end of May and staying there until September. This information was revealed by journalist Lorena Vázquez on the program Y ahora Sónsoles. She also stated that the children will finish their school cycle in Miami and then travel to Barcelona.

According to Vázquez, the summer vacations were supposed to be divided as 70% for Gerard Piqué and 30% for Shakira. The little ones won’t come back to Miami with Shakira, unless on the days she has custody and her mother decides to take them back home. Shakira has always been protective of her children and asked the media to respect their privacy.

Meanwhile, reporter Alex Rodríguez said that Piqué is looking to buy a property in Miami from December 2022. He has been scouting for a place in the financial area, and it will happen after the summer when the children come back from their vacation. However, Shakira doesn’t agree with this plan, and a new joint custody agreement might have to be drawn up.

However, Lorenza Vázquez of the Mamarazzis podcast contradicts Rodríguez’s information. According to her sources close to Piqué, he isn’t looking for a house in Miami at the moment.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Shakira and Piqué’s living arrangements, but it’s clear that their children’s welfare comes first.

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