Shameless Season 12: Everything We Know so Far

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Shameless, Showtime’s one of the most popular comedy-drama series, recently ended its eleventh season. This season captivated viewers again in its eleventh stint. This show offers a comedic and sometimes realistic account of the lives of a modern family. Frank Gallagher may be a proud single father of six successful adults, but his children are often disturbed by his alcoholism.


They either find their father spending their hard-earned money in a bar or find him passed out due to excessive drinking. But, his eldest daughter Fiona manages to become a mother figure to all of her siblings. The children find innovative and quirky ways to counter their father’s constant alcoholism. The family is not the family you think- It’s messy, fun, yet close-knit! Moreover, none of them makes any apologies to anyone else!

The last episode of the Shameless season11 aired on April 11, 2021. So, is Season 12 on the cards? Well, let’s find out!

Shameless Season 11

Before that, we encourage you to read this article with a pinch of salt, as it can contain a few spoilers ahead!

Shameless Season 12 release date, cast

Well, Shameless is not getting any renewal after its eleventh season. The official website of ShowTime described the Shameless season 11 as,” It’s last call and the Gallaghers are going out with the biggest bang ever. Changes are coming that will force each of them to either step up or hit the road, but they know one thing for certain – Gallaghers may grow up, but they’ll never grow apart”

Hence, it is clear that you may not get the chance to watch the twelfth season after the things wrapped up in the previous season in 2021.

Therefore, there is no possibility of Shameless Season 12 getting a release in the future.

What next?

 But, that does not mean you will not get to see the Gallaghers! You will see them again!

Yes, Shameless has already returned with a new miniseries, “Shameless Hall of Shame.” The show is available on Showtime abs you can watch it if you want to!
Shameless Hall of Shame

It is more of a companion miniseries to the main show. This show offers the growth and challenges faced by each character with six episodes. Each episode contains scenes juxtaposed from the past eleven series as well.

As per the ShowTime official page, Shameless Hall of Shame is a “feature new, original Shameless scenes juxtaposed with a retrospective look at each character’s journey over the prior 10 seasons.”

The Shameless Hall of Shame finished its run in January 2021. John Wells offered the details, “It’s going to be the show that you’ve seen in the past, and if you liked it then you’re going to continue to like what we’re doing… We’re not pulling any punches on what’s going on in the country and how difficult it is for people in these financial circumstances, and how things have only gotten worse. But this is a family and a group of people who love each other and who survive by depending upon each other, which is a wonderful thing. So it’s going to be more of that, and we hope that everyone who has invested so much in these characters over the years will be pleased with where it ends up.

How to watch Shameless?

  You can watch Shameless on Showtime’s official site or app. Additionally, you can also watch the show on Netflix or HBO Max.