Shang-Chi could join the Avengers!

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Shang-Chi will debut in the cinema this week and in this way will be registered the entrance of a new superhero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this case, the first oriental character to headline a brand movie. Shang-Chi He is a powerful martial warrior with the ability to manage his internal energy, as well as knowing different hand-to-hand fighting techniques that make him a feared rival.

Many wondered at what point in the MCU the adventure of this character would be located. Before the Snap of Thanos? After the Blip that brought half the universe back to life? Confirmation arrived that Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings it is situated in the actuality of this universe. In this way, the film will advance the story of the MCU Phase 4.

Will Shang-Chi be part of the Avengers?

What do we know about the film? Shang-Chi lives in the United States away from a world that he does not want to be part of: the Organization of the Ten Rings led by his father, the Mandarin. However, the past will return to claim the presence of the hero who will not accept the terms of a criminal turned leader. Then it will be time to fight and see if he has what it takes to defeat this threat.

¿Shang-Chi can be part of the Avengers? In graphic novels the character is invited to the team by their leaders: Iron Man and Captain America. At MCU that will not be possible. We already know that Tony Stark lost his life in the final confrontation with Thanos and the Cap he is ninety years old. In addition, you have to see what the status of the group is after the events of Endgame.

A point in favor? The diversity. Marvel he is working tirelessly in that direction. Already added to Black Panther to the Avengers and doing the same with this Asian hero seems to be the step in the right direction to include characters of diverse origins within an ever-expanding Cinematic Universe. A fact to celebrate!

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