Shang-Chi is a grossing success and surpassed Black Widow

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings It again swept the North American box office, where it raised 9.7 million dollars in its second Friday of exhibition and an estimated 32 million of the green currency for the weekend. What happened? Analysts came up pretty short, because the film grossed a total of $ 35.7 million from Friday to Sunday. These numbers indicate a 52.6% drop from the same time period the previous week.

Black Widow, which was released simultaneously by Disney+, reaped about $ 25.8 million in its second weekend. This means a 69% drop compared to his debut and a total sum at the box office lower than that obtained by Shang-Chi. The flashy? The oriental hero movie had started $ 5 million short of the Russian spy.

Shang-Chi is a success!

The total numbers in the United States indicate that Shang-Chi raised 145.6 million dollars against 131.6 of that currency for Black Widow. These returns at the box office put Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as the fourth highest grossing film in the United States so far this year.

How are the numbers of this phenomenon worldwide? The film reached the figure of 257.6 million dollars in the planet. In this way, it was positioned as the eighth most watched film of 2021. The truth is that it will exceed 300 million next weekend and it remains to be seen what happens in China.

The studio has not yet revealed the budget for the production of the film to show the beginnings of Shang-Chi at Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is talk of about 150 million dollars, in the range of Captain Marvel, and below movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming ($ 175 million) or Black Panther ($ 200 million). Marvel scored an impressive homerun with Shang-Chi!


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