Shang-Chi’s director said everything he knows about the film’s post-credits scenes

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Attention! Don’t go ahead if you want to see Shang-Chi spoiler free. Especially with what happened in the post-credits scenes of the film. Warning aside, we will begin the note as usual. At the end of the movie Wong, the noble companion of Doctor Strange, invite Shang and Kathy to a very special meeting. In this case, the other participants are Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel. Banner He is back in his human form, unlike his last entry in the MCU.

Apparently it was the person in charge of the film who selected the two Avengers that are part of the scene. Destin Daniel Cretton meet the interpreter of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, with whom he worked in Short Term 12, Just Cause and The Glass Castle. The filmmaker acknowledged that he did not know if it was plausible that this character was there. So it helped that it was a meeting with the holograms of Bruce and Carol Danvers and not them physically present.

The explanation of the post-credits scenes of Shang-Chi

“I don’t know what they are dealing with; the only thing I know is that I have ideas and they are denied if they do not maintain a logic with other arguments that are working for these characters”, said the filmmaker. In respect of Banner, who has his right arm with a special prosthesis, the product of having used the Infinity Gauntlet, Cretton seems to know more about the character than he admits. “I don’t know anything. Is that saying something?“, the director apologized.

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Bruce is one of the smartest characters in the world. Marvel Cinematic Universe and even he is impressed by the power of the Ten rings. With the accurate information that they are over a thousand years old, they could have something to do with Eternals. Cretton has the answer: “Of course I know. I mean, I know enough.”, were his enigmatic words. Another piece of information revealed? The rings are sending a signal somewhere.

Finally, Cretton had time to talk about the other post-credits scene, where Xialing positions himself as the leader of his deceased father’s organization, the mighty Wenwu. She says there is “a lot of work to do”. The question remains in the air: Will they continue to be criminals? “I think that’s a correct idea.”, confirmed the person in charge of the film.

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