Shared data in distributed architectures: The Heise webinar

Shared data in distributed architectures: The Heise webinar

To consistently implement an architecture based on microservices means that the data management, i.e. usually the database, also has to be distributed over the various services. This is the only way to achieve the desired independence of the services during development and runtime. Without this step, on the other hand, the problem of rigid coupling and the associated dependencies of a monolithic architecture would only shift one layer down, into the database.

Im half-day webinar on January 27th with microservices expert Lars Röwekamp Participants learn how to consistently adhere to the “Database-per-Service” pattern and how to implement it in practice. Together they learn how to master the associated challenges using many practical examples. This includes scenarios in which identical data is required by several services, as well as the concept of cross-service transactions.

The speaker is available for questions during the entire webinar and communicates the knowledge in a playful way, with many examples and exercises. Participation in the webinar costs € 169, including subsequent access to the recording and materials.

In January and February 2022, Heise will be offering the webinar series “Microservices in practice“A comprehensive training for the implementation and work of the microservices software architecture. In a total of 20 hours, developers and architects learn everything about design, development and best practices in dealing with microservices.

The webinars are led by the renowned experts Lars Röwekamp, ​​Arne Limburg and Lars Kölpin-Freese from OPEN KNOWLEDGE, who playfully convey their many years of practical experience in working with microservices to the participants. Each webinar is structured like online training and offers plenty of space for interaction and practical exercises.

The webinars have a duration of four hours and take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participation in a webinar appointment costs 169 euros (all prices including VAT). If you book all five appointments at the same time, you can join a discounted combination ticket for 549 euros save a lot compared to individual sales.

Subsequent access to the videos and exercise materials is included for single and combination bookings. Find more information and tickets Interested on the website of the webinar series. If you want to be kept up to date about offers from the heise Academy, you can register for the newsletter.


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