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Shark Week Tips: How to Avoid Attacks and More

Shark Week Tips: How to Avoid Attacks and More

In travel news this week, our fascination with shark attacks remains strong despite their rarity. Also, rough weather in popular tourist spots and some notable aviation events made the headlines.

The late Jimmy Buffett’s song “Fins” may have talked about “land sharks” in Caribbean bars, but this week is about real sharks. Shark Week kicks off at 8 p.m. Sunday on Discovery Channel, featuring shows like “Belly and the Beast: Bigger and Bloodier,” “Sydney Harbor Shark Invasion,” and “Big Shark Energy.” If you can’t catch the shows, check out CNN’s Boris Sanchez learning how to pet a shark.

Although shark attacks on humans are rare, they do happen. This past July 4th, at least three people were bitten by sharks in Texas and Florida. For those interested, there is advice available on how to survive a shark attack. On the flip side, while we worry about sharks, these crucial apex predators are facing threats with one-third of shark species facing extinction. Learn about one man’s efforts to save them.

The real issue in the Caribbean this week hasn’t been sharks, but Hurricane Beryl. This Category 5 Atlantic hurricane – the earliest on record – has affected popular tourist destinations like Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Cruise ships are scrambling to avoid its path, and dangerous rip currents are expected along US Gulf Coast beaches. Keep up with the latest updates on CNN Weather.

Elsewhere, other natural calamities are also affecting travel. Denali National Park in Alaska has no reopening timeline as a rare wildfire burns near its entrance. In Wyoming, a landslide closed a major highway near Grand Teton National Park, though a detour for public traffic has now opened. In southern Europe, summer vacations are being impacted by annual heat waves.

In aviation news, a Middle Eastern airline has been named the world’s best by Skytrax, a London-based rating organization. Meanwhile, a noteworthy fact is that one airport has maintained a perfect baggage track record since opening in 1994. If you are worried about protecting your luggage, consider investing in one of 17 best anti-theft bags recommended by CNN Underscored.

Passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight faced less-than-ideal service this past week when the flight had to divert due to spoiled food being served.

Switching to US travel, CNN Travel recently revealed its top 10 best towns to visit for 2024. Leading the list is Richmond, Virginia’s capital, celebrated for its vibrant arts, culture, history, and food scene. Not far behind is Providence, Rhode Island’s capital, which revitalized itself by literally moving rivers and boasts an array of attractions.

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Source: CNN