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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Dread Returning to UK After ‘Horrifying’ Incident

Celebrity couple Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have chosen to stay in their Los Angeles home instead of returning to their base in the UK. Their son, Jack Osbourne, has recently shared the curious reason behind this decision: their Buckinghamshire house might be haunted.

This revelation comes shortly after the couple celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary. Sharon acknowledged the milestone on social media, highlighting her longtime husband’s battle with Parkinson’s disease. One of the main reasons they remained in the United States was for Ozzy’s health. Now, even as his condition stabilizes, the couple shows reluctance to leave their LA abode.

Jack explained that the house in Buckinghamshire used to be a psychiatric hospital, which might be the reason for the odd occurrences. He recounted how his friend, James, who was house-sitting with his wife and baby, reported hearing a female voice singing in the home.

Adding to the eerie experiences, Jack mentioned that Sharon and Ozzy had also heard strange footsteps in the hallway, deepening their unease about the house. Despite Sharon’s intention to spend more time in the UK, Ozzy appears hesitant and prefers to remain in the U.S., coming to the UK only for holidays and special occasions.

Amid these spooky reports, the Osbournes are working on a 10-part series titled Home To Roost. The show aims to portray their lives once they return to the UK. Scheduled to air on BBC One and iPlayer later this year, it promises to offer a fascinating insight into their family’s dynamic.

While the television project progresses, Ozzy has been facing numerous health challenges. The Black Sabbath frontman has undergone multiple surgeries due to domestic accidents and the implications of living with Parkinson’s disease. Although he initially resisted the diagnosis, Ozzy has now accepted his condition. He candidly believes he has a limited time left, estimating around ten years.

Source: Particle News