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Sharon Stone, 66, Stuns in Bold Bikini Bottoms

Sharon Stone, at 66, continues to defy age with her stunning physique, which she proudly showcased on Instagram recently.

The Basic Instinct star delighted fans with a cheeky photo of herself painting topless in her studio, sparking admiration and praise for her timeless beauty.

Sharon shared the striking image on Tuesday evening, where she was seen painting a portrait.

Her bare back was on display as she wore nothing but a tiny blue bikini bottom. She captioned the photo, “Sometimes I just have to go from pool to painting,” highlighting her carefree and creative spirit.

Fans were quick to flood the comment section with compliments, marveling at her ageless appearance. “At 66, I think she’s perfect,” one Instagram user exclaimed, while another added, “I would like to look this good at 66 years old.”

A nostalgic fan reminisced: “When I was a young girl and saw Basic Instinct, I thought you were one of the most beautiful women that existed! Still the same after all these years! Totally iconic!”

Sharon Stone showcases her age defying physique
© Instagram Sharon Stone showcases her age-defying physique

Sharon’s role as Catherine Tramell in the 1992 thriller Basic Instinct cemented her status as a Hollywood sex symbol throughout the ’90s.

However, beyond her film success, Sharon has passionately dedicated herself to humanitarian work, particularly in helping those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Sharon Stone wore a leopard print swimsuit and biker boots as she completed her latest artwork
Sharon Stone wore a leopard print swimsuit and biker boots as she completed her latest artwork

In a heartfelt interview with Alex Salmond for Turkish Tea Talk, Sharon opened up about her commitment to helping others, revealing the moment she found her true calling.

“Suddenly, I was like, ‘I’m in the right goddamn room,'” she shared tearfully. “These are my people. I would stand in the street with these people. I would risk my life for these people.”

sharon stone topless in bikini bottoms
© Instagram Sharon Stone topless in bikini bottoms

She reflected on the fulfillment she found in her humanitarian efforts, saying, “It took 35 years, but I’m in the right room. You don’t get to save lives winning a Golden Globe, do you know what I mean?”

In 2013, Sharon was honoured as a Peace Summit Award recipient for her significant contributions to the fight against HIV/AIDS, bringing solidarity and hope to millions affected by the tragedy, as per the Nobel Peace Summit.

Sharon Stone sitting in front of one of her paintings
© Instagram Sharon Stone sitting in front of one of her paintings

During her interview with Alex, Sharon also opened up about her mental health struggles and her return to painting. Reflecting on the pandemic, she noted how “the whole world wanted to learn to bake bread,” but for her, it was a time to reconnect with her passion for painting.

She candidly discussed the impact of the global shutdown on her mental health, acknowledging: “We’re all trying to confront our demons and we’re all acting out. Me too. And trying to figure out how to keep getting back up, keep helping people even if we put them down, and make sure we’re all back up, and what do we do?”

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