Sharon Stone to perform with Big Bang Theory star

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The actress of Casino Y Low instincts has a new project on the horizon. She was hired to play a recurring character on a series gearing up for its second season.

The actress is 63 years old.
© IMDbThe actress is 63 years old.

Talk about Sharon Stone involves remembering great roles such as those of Low Instincts Y Casino, where he shared casts with figures of the stature of Michael Douglas, Joe Pesci Y Robert De Niro. Now, the actress was hired to be part of one of the series of the moment, with a great presence in the awards season (especially in the emmy), which features a star of The Big Bang Theory as the main figure.

Stone was confirmed as a recurring actress on The Flight Attendant, the success of HBO Max that heads Kaley Cuoco. The production focuses on the life of a young woman who works as a stewardess and who after a chance encounter with a man wakes up the next morning next to his corpse, without remembering what happened. The first season received 9 nominations for the emmy awards and it was one of those that served to position the platform in the streaming market.

The actress of Low Instincts will join in to give life to the lost mother of Cassie Bowden (Cook), which was only seen through a brief flashback in the first installment. Apparently, the problems of Cassie with alcohol they caused the relationship to break down and distance itself forever. Lisa Bowden is the name of this character played by Stone, who joins a cast in which there will be figures such as Zosia Mamet, Griffin Matthews, Deniz Akdeniz y Rosie Perez.

The second season of The Flight Attendant will show Cassie sober, trying to cope with her drinking problems, while living in Los Angeles and working nights for the CIA. She will be sent on a mission outside the country that will make her a witness to a homicide that will be the starting point of a new mystery. The production was shot in places like Los Angeles, Berlin and Reykjavik.

The best kisser according to Sharon Stone

Last year Stone It became news thanks to a peculiar interview in which she spoke about her past as an actress, where she referred to the links she had to establish in fiction. In particular, they asked him about the men with whom he had had to kiss. In an interview in Watch what happens live, he assured: Robert De Niro He was the best kisser, without a doubt. Bob was by far the best kisser ”. The artist revealed that she was “Madly in love with him as an actress” so the artist could even have it “Struck with a hammer” that she would have liked it.

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