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Shaun Evans' New ITV Drama from "Endeavour" Sounds Amazing

Shaun Evans’ New ITV Drama from “Endeavour” Sounds Amazing

Endeavour star Shaun Evans’ new project has received rave reviews in other countries and promises to be equally captivating for its UK audience. While it has already been released in regions like Canada and Australia, UK fans are eagerly waiting for its premiere. The show is expected to air in the UK in autumn 2024, although ITV has not yet made an official announcement. HELLO! has reached out to the network for more details.

The series, initially titled Delia Balmer, is based on the harrowing true story of Delia, a woman who survived a dangerous relationship with serial killer John Sweeney. Shaun Evans, best known for his role as Endeavour Morse, will be portraying John Sweeney. Meanwhile, Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin will take on the role of Delia.

On being part of this project, Shaun shared his enthusiasm: “I’ve previously worked with World Productions and ITV separately, so I’m looking forward to joining forces to tell this story. A story that is quite rightly told through the victim’s lens, Delia. We have an excellent script from Nick Stevens and I couldn’t be more delighted to work with Anna.” © BBC
Anna Maxwell Martin in Line of Duty

Anna also expressed her excitement, stating: “Telling an important story with the excellent team from World Productions, producer Ken Horn, director Julia Ford, and a brilliant cast is always an exciting proposition! As it is brought to life by Nick Stevens, hopefully, we will do Delia due diligence.”

Shaun recently wrapped up his tenure as Endeavour in 2023. Reflecting on the series’ end, he told Masterpiece: “When the script arrived, I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s really powerful. That’s it. That’s exactly what it should be.’ © Fred Duval
Are you looking forward to Shaun’s new show?

“It had been all of our intentions for us to leave in exactly this place, physically and emotionally and mentally, as well. As we all know, we were in a strange way passing the baton on—even though you’re passing it backwards, because it’s something that’s been already, it’s going on—so we knew that this seems the only right place to leave it. The idea of being with Joan completely gone, being disappointed with Thursday, and in a way, perhaps, accepting of his lot, which I know was kind of a melancholic place to leave it, but the really right place to leave it.”

Until I Kill You isn’t the only ITV show delayed for UK audiences. Shows like Grantchester, The Bay, DI Ray, Grace, and McDonald and Dodds have also been released internationally before debuting in the UK. Despite the wait, this new project is anticipated to be worth it.

Source: HELLO!