Shawn Johnson Shares Heartbreaking News About Her Olympic Medal Fate

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Shawn Johnson Buries Olympic Medal in Backyard

Gymnast Shawn Johnson has revealed that she buried her Olympic medal in her backyard. The 31-year-old retired gymnast, who won a silver medal at the 2008 Olympics in China as part of the United States Women’s Artistic Gymnastics team, decided to dispose of her medal by burying it in the garden. Without giving any reason or context, Shawn revealed to UsWeekly, “I buried my medals! Olympic medals in my backyard!”

Despite no longer having her Olympic medal, Shawn remains successful in other areas of her life. The former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant is married to former NFL star Andrew East, with whom she shares two children, daughter Drew and son Jett. Shawn revealed that her ideal comfort food is pancakes with butter and syrup. She also has a secret talent for reporting and loves to eat breakfast at home and ends the week eating takeout with her family.

“Pancakes with butter and syrup are my ideal comfort food,” she said. “My secret talents are baking, hosting a party or game night, and giving gifts. I love breakfast. Some of my favorite foods to cook are waffles, a good scramble and bacon, or sweet potato biscuit egg sandwiches. On Saturday nights, you’ll find me grilling out by the pool with our babies and a sports game [jugando] in the background, but on Sundays, you’ll find me eating takeout and having movie night with my family.”

Despite her love for food and family, Shawn also has a passion for travel and dreams of taking her children to see extraordinary wildlife on an African safari. “I can’t wait to go to Africa,” Shawn said. “I dream of the day when I can take my babies to see all the amazing wildlife.”

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In conclusion, while Shawn may have buried her Olympic medal, she continues to live a fulfilling and successful life with her family and passions.

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