Shawn Mendes is criticized for yelling at Camila Cabello

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Next to Justin Bieber Y Hailey Baldwin, Camila Cabello Y Shawn Mendes star in one of the fan-favorite couples in Hollywood. But this does not leave them exempt from criticism on social networks like the ones the Canadian star is facing after recognizing in an interview a awkward moment with the singer for yelling at her in an argument.

During his time on the Man Enough podcast, the singer of hits such as “Señorita” confessed to being afraid after raising his voice to his girlfriend, in statements that surprised everyone and have earned him thousands of criticisms on social networks such as Twitter. As he said, it all happened in the middle of an argument when Camila asked him not to treat her that way.

“I raised my voice to my girlfriend and she said, ‘I don’t like it when you raise your voice, why did you do it?’ And at that point I got very defensive. I started to say, ‘I wasn’t raising my voice to you!’ And actually I was. At that moment I felt her shrink as I grew older and I thought, ‘My God, this is the worst,’ ”he said.

Yes OK Shawn Mendes He acknowledged having an attitude that he did not like about his way of being and assured that he was working on it, Twitter users were relentless. “I am very afraid of being evil. I do not want to be bad, “he added, not without first admitting that it is possible that” there is something wrong “in his personality.

After the episode, Camila Cabello and her boyfriend had a “deep conversation” about what had happened and since then, she says, they have been joining forces to improve the relationship before it is too late. “We have to work together until eventually all the trauma and sprains go away, and that’s okay.”


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