Who is Shawna Loyer? Where Is Actress Shawna Loyer Now?

Shawna Loyer

Shawna Loyer became a popular name in the industry after her role in the movies Thi13en Ghosts and Thir13en Ghosts Revealed. Both movies were released back to back in 2001 and 2002. Shawna rose to popularity for an incredible portrayal of her character called The Angry Princess.

In her short-lived career, Shawna became a part of some other movies too. But soon after, the actress decided to quit acting once and for all. She gathered fandom, and guess what, following her absence from the industry, her fans are curious about the whereabouts of the actress.

We have tried to collect some information about the former actress, her personal life, and more. Read below to know.

Who is Shawna Loyer?

Shawna Loyer is a former American actress. She was born on the 18th of October, 1979, in Miami, Florida. She attended her school in her hometown only and later took classes for paralegal.

When Did She Make her Acting Debut?

Shawna made her acting debut in 2001 in the movie Thir13en Ghosts. In it, she portrayed the character of The Angry Princess who was one of the ghosts out of thirteen. The movie was directed by Steve Beck and was a remake of the 1960 movie of the same name (13 ghosts).

When Did She Make her Acting Debut?

The reception of the movie was not as expected, and the critics claimed that it lacked the scary element. Surprisingly, it still collected a good amount of money, and although the movie didn’t impress the audience, they surely admired Shawna’s role in it.

In the movie, Shawna originally played Dana Newman, a pretty girl caught up in an abusive relationship. Dana undergoes many surgeries to enhance her beauty, but after a botched experiment that mutilates her eyes, she commits suicide. Her soul remains without salvation, and this is how she becomes The Angry Princess.

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Throughout the movie, you will spot her carrying a knife with which she killed herself. This role gathered a good fan base, and people loved seeing her as a ghost. Shawna also appeared in the Thir13en Ghosts. Unfortunately, the actress discontinued her acting after it.

Why Did Shawna Quit Acting?

As soon as the actress called it quits from the industry, fans started speculating the reason behind it. Reportedly, Shawna was not highly interested in acting.

There are other theories too. Some claim that she got interested in other ventures and started pursuing them, while others stated that she simply settled down after her marriage and looked forward to focusing more on her family.

As of now, she is completely out of touch with the industry and doesn’t plan to step again into Hollywood by any chance.

Who is Shawna Loyer Married to?

Who is Shawna Loyer Married to?

While the former actress likes to keep everything under wraps, there are some details about her personal life. Shawna is married to her Asian-American partner, Don Soo. While the exact date of their marriage is not revealed, the couple did share a glimpse of their wedding celebration.

In their wedding pictures, Shawna is seen wearing a beautiful white gown with a long white veil and holding a white flower bouquet in her hands. It’s been more than two decades since their wedding, and their relationship seems to be getting stronger each day.

Her husband, Don Soo, is a businessman who owns Motor Trend’s Auto Group. He is also a bodybuilder and keeps sharing his workout pictures and other details on his social media account.

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Does the Couple Have Kids?

Yes. Shawna and Don are blessed with two sons, namely Shay Soo and Ash Soo. The family of four looks beautiful together.

Where is Shawna Loyer These Days?

After bidding goodbye to the entertainment industry, there were barely any traces of the former actress. Reportedly, she lives with her family in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Post quitting acting, she began taking classes for paralegal. Currently, she is doing a day job as a Paralegal.

Can I Follow Shawna Loyer on Social Media?

Shawna likes to keep it private when sharing details about her personal life. She is active on Instagram but with a private account. She is also active on other social media profiles, including Facebook.

That said, her husband has an open Instagram account. His IG handle is @donsoo33.

What is Shawna Loyer’s Net Worth?

Although her acting career was short-lived, Shawna managed to amass quite a good amount of fortune through her journey. If reports are to be believed her estimated net worth is around $6 million. She has gathered such a whopping amount by working as an actress and a paralegal.

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