She discovers her husband with his lover in the cinema and confronts them

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A man came to a cinema to enjoy a movie with a young woman, without imagining that he was going to star in an embarrassing scene in front of the dozens of people present in the room.

As can be seen in the footage released on TikTok, the subject’s wife approached the armchair and confronted her husband with the “lover”, who, dressed in white, fled the scene quickly.

While the woman screams “To the movies with the bitch!”, her husband leaves the place through one of the emergency exits. According to various media, the event took place in a movie theater in Colombia.

Additionally, it was revealed that the man went to a movie theater near his home, so the wife was able to follow him.

It should be added that, due to the reaction of the alleged lover, users assure that the woman already knew that the man was married. While other users highlighted the ‘fun’ of the moment.

“Those who went for the movie and came up with this live novel”said a netizen. “If they realized that the music of the movie accompanies the suspense of their escape well?”commented another.

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