She-Hulk’s teaser showed a first look at the character

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The Disney+ Day came with the first preview of She-Hulk, a series that promises a lot and of which, until now, only some images of the filming had been leaked in dubious quality. Production will be led by Tatiana Maslany and will show a new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Is about Jessica Walters, the first of Bruce Banner.

According to the stories reflected in the comics of Hulk, Jessica he receives the powers of the green abomination after receiving a blood transfusion from his cousin. In this production, it was not yet revealed if this idea will be respected to the letter but it was known that the character of Mark Ruffalo would have a stake.

In the teaser released this day by Disney+ you could see the characters of Ruffalo and Maslany interacting. “Transformations are triggered by anger and fear”he tells her Bruce a Jessica. Apparently, Banner will become a kind of mentor for this new heroine of the MCU, which is presented as “A normal lawyer” to later clarify: “Not so normal”.

At that moment, one of the long-awaited revelations arrives. Fans of Marvel they were eager to see how they were going to show Jessica Walters turned into She-Hulk and this small teaser of less than 30 seconds served to know what his version will be like, from behind. In addition, everything seems that his physical build will be a little smaller than that of Hulk, although this does not mean that he will have lower skills.

Marvel’s summary, full of pride

Before introducing the new previews, the 15-minute video of Marvel served to review all the series that were seen since Disney+ began to serve as a framework for the saga. There were four in total that were launched so far, with the particularity that WandaVision served as the gateway to Phase 4 of the MCU. This role was going to play Black Widow but its premiere was postponed due to the pandemic.

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