She is 44, but she looks like her 21-year-old daughter’s “twin”: they are so close that they even go on double dates

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She looks so youthful that she is often mistaken for her daughter’s twin who is twice her age. assures that many times they do not believe him when he says that he is 44 years old and that his fresh appearance has played a trick on him on more than one occasion, like the times his profile in a well-known online dating app is deleted because they think he is is posing as someone else.

This is your account at , a dating app that bills itself as the only one of its kind to “Emphasizes long-term connections between users”, seeking to attract a younger demographic than its competitors Y ; However, the photos that Joleen herself shares are often reported by other users who believe that she is an impersonator, the site reports .

“It’s funny, people think I’m a fake account and they report me. I could link it to my Instagram account, which would help prove that it’s really about me, but I’m not doing it because I think my social media doesn’t represent the down-to-earth, down-to-earth person that I am. I would like to connect with someone and then explain to them what I do on the networks once they get to know me better “Said the California native, U.S.

But what is the secret of the “Eternal youth” of the protagonist of this story? Well, to begin with, she credits her vice-free lifestyle as stopping her aging process over time and says she regularly has younger guys who send her direct messages on Instagram and try to woo her, getting a tremendous surprise when discover that they speak to a “Lady of the four decades”.

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“Many young people write to me on social networks. Most of the posts are very polite and full of praise on how they promote my positive lifestyle, but they also invite me on dates, maybe dinner or walks, but I just know it’s to satisfy their curiosity and not a real intention. to pursue nothing more than the idea that they have made of me “said the influencer with more than 580,000 followers on her account Instagram ().

While she finds it flattering that young people and her age groups ask her out, Joleen says it takes a lot “value” approaching someone and asking them to meet face to face. “Some young people tend to fantasize a bit about what it’s like to go on a date with someone older, but men my age or older are more pragmatic and look for someone with whom to enjoy the simple things in life.”, he limited.

As mentioned above, Joleen has a 21-year-old daughter named Meilani. () and this pair is so close that they even go out together on double dates to bowling, to the movies or to the beach. And while they haven’t had suitors recently to meet their expectations, the two are so close that they definitely plan to do it again as soon as they get the chance.

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