She is 82 years old, her husband 36 and they ignore criticism: “love knows no ages”

Iris Jones is a british woman 82-year-old who married a year ago to Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham, a man Egyptian of 36. Despite the criticism, they have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and in a recent interview with a television program, the couple gave details about their peculiar relationship, in addition to responding to those who are dedicated to attacking their union.

Mohamed became friends with Iris in mid-2019 through social media. The couple quickly struck up a romance, despite not meeting in person, the outlet reported. .

Iris, who is retired and living on a weekly pension of £ 200, or US $ 265, traveled to Cairo to meet Ibriham, before getting married in November 2020.

The Egyptian recently managed to move to the UK, but insists that he did not marry Jones just to obtain residency. “Some people attack us. Why? I’m working”said the subject in conversation with the British program This Morning. “I am not with Iris because I need something. I am a rich man, I have a bungalow in Cairo “.

Ibriham also assured that Jones is the “boss” of their relationship. For her part, the woman admitted that coexistence has not been easy: “We are going through problems now because Mohamed is adjusting to life in the west and I am adjusting to having a man there.”.

The couple’s case gained relevance last year, when they gave details of their personal life. “The first night was pretty tough. No one had been close to me for 35 years. “Jones said.

In conversation with , the couple defended their romance: “Love knows no difference between ages, or countries”Ibriham declared at the time. “This is our life, Iris chose me and I chose Iris”.

“I want to tell all the people who attack our love, it’s none of your business, focus on your lives, go to hell. That is all”added.

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