She Takes on a Blond Look That Softens Her Features in Sydney Sweeney

That warm wicks are in fashion we don’t tell you, but Rosalía and her latest change of look with which she recalls the Shakira of the late 90s,  Miriam Rodríguez and her peach with pastel shades inspired by the pop-rock of the 80 or Kristen Stewart, who has released one of the colors of spring ( nectar blonde ) a few weeks before the Oscars. Sydney Sweeney joins this growing group of celebrities who dare with reddish tones with a farewell in style for the platinum blonde she wears in Euphoria : she has presented her new image at the Spirit Awards of Independent Cinema that already accumulates more than two million likes on the networks. 

The blonde who divides the fans of Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney has triumphed on the red carpet of the Independent Film Awards held in Santa Monica (California) with a lead-gray dress adorned with floral appliqués from Miu Miu and the hair color that has divided her fans. With the phrase “well… I’ve done one thing “ the actress has presented on the networks the blonde with raspberry nuances with which she has said goodbye to the platinum that her character Cassie Howard wears in Euphoria. Despite the flattering look and the fact that the vast majority of her followers welcome Sydney’s decision, those who read between the lines have come to the conclusion that the third season of the fashion series will take a long time to shoot. 

“I like it so much,” Maude Apatow (also known as Lexi in Euphoria ) has written to him. Maude’s sentiment is shared by many of the actress’s fans, who assure that the transformation brings out the best of her features, although comments such as “This is how we know that Euphoria will not be recorded for a long time. Although you are beautiful.” Of course, there are also the most optimistic who says that she could wear a wig or that maybe Cassie will debut a new look in the third season. 

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With ‘good face effect’ and fashionable bangs

Despite what some of Sydney’s fans think, others tell her that she is radiant and they are right because hairdressers point to golden blondes as ideal for the months of the year when few look tanned: “She has the ability to ‘raise’ the natural color of the skin by two tones without the need for makeup. Perfect for ‘pale skin’ that does not leave the house without applying a good dose of bronzing powder”, says David Lorente, hairdresser, and director of the salon that runs his name, on maximum trend colors such as champagne blonde or strawberry blonde that the star wears. 

In addition to the new color, Sweeney has refreshed the cut and has released the curtain fringe that all celebrities adore for its versatility: “It lengthens on the sides and is worn open in the middle. Everyone can adjust its length to their style, I recommend the longest ones for those who like to change their image because it allows you to mark it a lot if you comb it down or hide it if you comb it back or to the side”, advises Manuel Mon, from Manuel Mon Estilistas. As for the shorts, “they are ideal for lovers of comfort,” concludes the expert. 

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