She told a man she didn’t want to go out with him because he has kids and got a nasty response

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Today, many people use different applications to meet others and start a romantic relationship. Such is the case of a woman of U.S called Coco Briscoe who decided to use Bumble. There she started talking to a man. Upon discovering that the subject has children, she told him that she did not want to go out with him. He never imagined that for this he would receive an unpleasant answer.

The woman recounted her experience through a video posted on her account TikTok (). In this clip, she maintained that the man did not mention in his profile that he is a father, so she only found out about it when they struck up a conversation.

“I’m sorry, but children are a deciding factor for me. I hope you find what you are looking for here “, was the message that the tiktoker sent to the subject when he learned the truth. The man did not take what he wrote well and decided to answer him: “You are 40 years old. How many options do you think you really have? I hope you like cats because trust me, those looks are about to fade very quickly. “.

Coco Briscoe, reading everything he put, did not hesitate to answer him: “That is just a personal preference. Clearly, you are an aggressive and rude person, which is another deciding factor. “. After showing that part of the conversation, the tiktoker stressed the following: “The fact that a woman does not want to have children and does not want to take care of yours does not give you the right to insult her”.

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The video we are talking about in this note was shared on May 6 of this year in TikTok. Currently, it is already circulating on various social networks due to everything it shows. Many users did not hesitate to express their support for the woman.

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