Shenmue resurfaces in the trailer for his new anime series

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We have already had a first look at Shenmue the Animation, the 13 episode anime series Prepared by Telecom Animation Film about Yu Suzuki’s video game. This company, which has produced series such as Tower of God or Lupine the Third, plans to premiere for the next year 2022. Adult Swim and Crunchyroll have presented the first teaser, which you can see above these lines.

Based on the SEGA classic, Shenmue the Animation is set in 1986. The young man Ryo Hazuki, a teenage martial arts expert, seeks revenge for the death of his father. He wields the Dragon Mirror in order to find Lan Di, the leader of the criminal organization and master of an ancient style of fighting.

The opinion of the creator of Shenmue

“In the form of an anime, has become more accessible and can be enjoyed by young children too“Yu Suzuki commented during a recording broadcast at New York Comic Con.” I can’t wait for the TV series to come out. ” Joseph Chou, producer of the anime, also assured that the project must respect Suzuki’s creative vision. “It’s a very story-driven game, so I thought it was perfect for adaptation. Staying true to the title is challenging, but there are things you need when you’re telling a story, especially when the format is a long series. “

Everything seems to indicate that Shenmue the Animation it will cover at least a good part of the first video game. The saga, as is known, continued in Shenmue 2 for the Dreamcast. After SEGA stopped producing consoles, the saga remained in the air for many years, until Suzuki himself resurrected it with Shenmue 3, which went on sale in 2019.

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Shenmue 3 is available on PC and PS4 (backward compatible with PS5). The first and second installments received a remastering for current systems, including Xbox One in this case.

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