Sheyla Rojas shows a face for her boyfriend ‘Sir Winston’: “He does not do shady things”

Sheyla Rojas She continues to interact with her Peruvian followers through social networks and that is how she was encouraged to talk about her Mexican boyfriend, better known as “Sir Winston”.

The Peruvian model clarified the rumors that her partner was supposedly involved in illicit businesses, a fact that she categorically denied.

Through a live broadcast of Instagram, Sheyla Rojas affirmed that her partner prefers to keep a low profile and does not show herself on social networks.

“He is nothing public. I can only say that he is not a rancher, he is not a farmer, he has nothing to do with shady things. With that is enough, I do not have to be counting what he does, what he does not do and exposing my life or his life. They have become spoiled ”, Rojas commented.

In the same way, he talked about whether she is “buchona”, a Mexican term that is given to the girlfriends of drug traffickers. “I know that several comments are in bad vibes, but nothing to do, I know very well what I am”, ended.

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