Shimmering Pearl Pokémon: A player gets a shiny Rayquaza after more than 10,000 attempts

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Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl hit the Nintendo Switch catalog last month. These are the remakes of the original Nintendo DS titles, released for the first time back in 2006. These versions bring with them many new features, in addition to the obvious graphic renewal, but there are things that never change, such as the involvement of the community of the saga when it comes to achieving your most sought after goal. Let them tell Twitter user Calebhart42, who has invested nothing more and nothing less than 167 hours of gameplay and up to 10,140 attempts until you catch a very special Pokémon: Rayquaza in its Shiny or Shiny form.

Shiny or Shiny Pokémon, why are they so rare?

Basically, Pokémon whose appearance is a different color from the original receive this distinction. In the case we are talking about today, Rayquaza is black instead of the usual green. This condition can be applied to any Pokémon, although finding it can be a real headache because the chances of it appearing are very low. Although statistics tell us that we could need more than 4,000 encounters until we find one of them, there are certain methods to increase our chances.

One of them is to make use of the PokéRadar (It is achieved after obtaining the national Pokédex, something that requires obtaining data from all the Pokémon of the regional Pokédez). Thus, it is possible to detect special Pokémon and try to link chains of encounters with the same type, greatly increasing the options of catching a shiny or variocolor one. The maximum success rate of a shiny chain is 1 per 100 matches. In the following link we tell you how to do it in the Sword and Shield editions. In essence, the operation of the chains is practically the same.

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Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl found available en Nintendo Switch.

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