Shingeki No Kyojin: 8 anime OVAs coming to Crunchyroll’s catalog: date and details

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Crunchyroll has confirmed that eight of the OVAs Shingeki No Kyojin will hit the catalog of the popular manganime platform this Decembre 19th. These contents, whose acronyms correspond to Original Video Animation, son special chapters made directly and exclusively in domestic format, they are not broadcast on television and are generally original in nature. This weekend we will be able to enjoy these episodes that delve into the intrahistory of the work that we know here as Attack on Titans (Attack on Titan).

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When all eight Shingeki no Kyojin OVAs premiere: dates and territories confirmed

Shingeki No Kyojin’s Eight OVAs Confirmed By Crunchyroll Will Arrive This December 19 at 17:10 (CET) in the following territories: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Europe (Spain included), Middle East and Russia.

  • The episodes 1 to 3 They will show us Henge trying to capture a living Titan for the first time.
  • The episodes 4 and 5 They adapt Yasuko Kobayashi’s Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga with Levi and Erwin’s past.
  • The episodes 6 to 8 they adapt the novels spin-off Attack on Titan: Lost Girls written by Hiroshi Seko, who works on the anime, and featuring stories dedicated to Annie Leonhart and Mikasa Ackerman.

The end is near: Shingeki No Kyojin will have its final season in January 2022

After the broadcast of Part 1 of Season 4 this year 2021, which has 16 episodes, it is confirmed by the NHK network that it will be in 2022 when we have the final season of a series that is already part of the history books of both the manga (finished) and its television adaptation. Indeed, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 will air on Crunchyroll from next January 9, 2022 for registered users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

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