Shingeki no Kyojin: the end of the anime would not premiere in 2021

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In a triumphant time for anime for the film Kimetsu no Yaiba: El Tren Infinito, one of the great movie premieres during the Coronavirus pandemic, fans are waiting for la segunda parte de la temporada final de Shingeki no Kyojin. We know that the manga has already reached its culmination with the release of volume 34, so they already have everything to complete the last installment.

The episode 16, called “Sky and earth”, arrived on March 28 of this year with a truly compelling synopsis: “The future we seek does not cross. There is no choice but to hit the feelings for each other. And now it hits again. In the place of origin”. At the end of its broadcast on the Japanese channel NHK, they announced that we will have more episodes.

The first reason the decision to split the final season was made was that the Mappa studio could not adapt the entire manga. Recently, Mappa did a virtual event on YouTube to celebrate its 10th anniversary and there they published the first poster of the final chapters, in addition to the trailer for Chainsaw Man, another anime that promises to succeed.

In advance we have Eren Jaeger frente and Ymir Fritz, the first to use the powers of the Titans. The last episode left us the unknown of what will happen to Levi and Zeke, in addition to the arrival of Reiner and the entire Marley fleet to Paradis Island to start the war that was declared in the first part. It is expected that tell us more about the origins and key points of the story.

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+ When does part 2 of the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin premiere?

At the time of NHK’s announcement that there would be a second part of the final season, it was said that it was going to premiere “in the Japanese winter”, which runs from December to March. The last episodes were expected to premiere in the last month of 2021, but a last rumor ensures that we will have the launch in January 2022. At the moment Mappa has not confirmed the day and we are still waiting for the officialization.

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