Shingeki no Kyojin: the theory that ensures that these two important characters are still alive

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The first days of June were special for fans of Shingeki no Kyojin, as the long-awaited volume 34, which marks the definitive end of the story and there will be no sequel. While they showed us the culmination with the exit of Chapter 139, announced that it would contain additional pages, although they would not change the narrative. Now we know who are those who were left alive and those who did not, but an incredible theory claims that Eren and Zeke are still alive. Safety pin!

The launch of the last issue divided the fandom completely, as some were disappointed and even compared it to Game of Thrones, but the truth is that at the end of all the majority accepted the closure of the story created by Hajime Isayama. However, as the weeks went by, there were some leaks that also had different opinions, such as the cartoons that claimed Mikasa and Jean ended up together, which generated a great debate on the networks.

+ The theory that Eren and Zeke are alive

As we read, the manga ends with the deaths of Hange Zoe, Zeke and Eren, after the young man activated the Rumble of the Earth, causing the destruction of the island Paradis. Without a doubt, a shocking moment for the fans, but You can start to look at the closing of the story with different eyes, since a theory from Episode 139 assures us that the Jaeger brothers are still alive.. How is this?

The extra pages mentioned above show what happened to the island after the original ending., where we have Mikasa, who is next to Eren’s grave and awaiting the return of those who participated in the Battle of Heaven and Earth. There we also see Ackerman with his family, but the years passed, characters were dying and an army came to destroy the island, in an era similar to the modern one.

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The author of the work shows us an unrecognized boy on the island, who explores the ruins of the cities within the walls. The young man stands the tree where Eren is buried and we notice that it looks very similar to the one found by Ymir Fritz when he made contact with the origin of life and this is where the great detail that originated the theory we are telling is. Look at the page!

Twitter user @ A0TLEVl shared the image of the tree, which is the place where the power of the titans is presumed to be found to be, perhaps, activated again. What the Internet user remarks is that 11 birds appear around, which have the following meaning: the nine titans plus Eren and Zeke, who would still be alive in the Invisible Paths, a dimension inhabited by the beings of Ymir.

Although up to here it does not have great solidity, the most recent Guidebook, released on the occasion of the end of the manga, reinforces this theory. As we know Sasha Braus and Hange Zoe die in the last story arc, as do the Jaeger brothers, but these two characters do not have “Deceased” status., so it gives meaning to this great hypothesis. What do you think?

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