“Shingeki no Kyojin”: what news brings its alternate universe that was revealed by its creator Hajime Isayama

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"Shingeki no Kyojin": what news brings its alternate universe that was revealed by its creator Hajime Isayama

The final volume of the popular manga series “”Went on sale in Japan on Wednesday, June 9, thus closing a cycle of more than 11 years of constant publications. “”, Created by Hajime Isayama, depicts its protagonist Eren and fellow warriors fighting man-eating giants for the survival of humanity.

The launch of the Volume 34 came after the magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will publish the final manga of ”In April, finishing the work of its author that lasted 11 years and 7 months. As soon as he opened a bookstore in the district of Shibuya from Such At 10 a.m., many people were seen taking copies of the final volume.

The editor Kodansha said the series has been published in 21 countries and regions. More than 100 million copies, including electronic versions, worldwide. The series will also be made into a live action film in Hollywood, and currently fans are waiting for the second part of the anime that the story of They were, supposedly, the same as the manga.

Still, what is not expected to adapt is the last page showing the Volume 34 from “”, One that had not been talked about before and that shows an alternate universe where Eren appears alive. Perhaps Isayama be preparing a sequel with the same protagonist? This is what we know.

Kodansha revealed the details of the release of the final volume of the manga from “Attack on Titan”, Volume 34, the June 9, 2021, in Japan. The volume included eight additional pages and two different limited editions, each with a special booklet containing a different name showing some drafts of Isayama of his original work.

However the Volume 34 also included a June 9 issue of the Asahi Shimbun, a local newspaper from Japan. The Asahi Shimbun is one of the four largest newspapers in Japan that was founded in 1879, being also one of the oldest newspapers in Japan Y Asia.

Why did you include it? Because Hajime Isayama drew an extra vignette that is not part of canon history, but presents a curious story with its protagonist. Asahi Shimbun included a special announcement by Isayama. The ad is a joke story featuring They were as a protagonist of a Isekai, teleported to the Japan modern.

Although it is not translated into other languages, the cartoon shows how They were suddenly appears in the middle of a sidewalk, confused and showing how other passersby are also surprised by what is happening. Apparently some kind of monster attacks someone, but They were It transforms in Titan And save the day

A Isekai is a relatively popular sub-genre of fantasy, a concept in which a real world protagonist travel to a more fantastic world. Originally out of light novels, there have been a dozen variants of manga adaptation, eventually becoming animated series that have been widely accepted by anime fans around the globe.

Now the extra vignette of Isayama suggests that Eren is now the protagonist of a Isekai, moving from his “real world“To our world, which would become his”fantasy world”. As expected, this is not a sequel far from it, it is just a joke to fire his character once and for all.

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