Shipwright (Maneater) breaks relations with TripWire over his boss’s anti-abortion stance

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John Gibson is the president of TripWire Interactive, the publisher and developer behind titles such as Killing Floor 2, Maneater or Chivalry 2. In the heat of the approval of a law in the North American state of Texas, which prevents abortion even in case of rape of women, the manager has expressed his support for the governor on Twitter, something that has caused a storm of opinions on the Internet. He has also reacted to Shipwright Studios, a supporting studio that has already publicly announced the termination of all contracts in collaboration with the editor.

“Proud that the United States Supreme Court legally shields the abortion of babies with heart palpitations. As a person who is dedicated to entertainment I don’t usually offer my political side. However, with so many active voices on the other side of this problem, I feel it is important to declare myself a pro-life developer. “

Shipwright Studios statement

In a statement posted on Twitter, TripWire responded: “Even if your political positions are yours, from the moment you make them public, you involve the people who work for and for you. We have worked closely with the talented and passionate developers at TripWire and have been partners for the past three years, ”they begin. “We know it is difficult for employees speak out against or impose themselves in this context, as they may not feel comfortable expressing their opinion ”.

The developer assures that they cannot remain silent and confirms the end of the contractual ties with Tripwire. “We cannot, out of conscience, continue to work with TripWire under the current leadership structure. We are going to begin canceling our current contracts with immediate effect ”.

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Other important voices that have publicly opposed Gibson’s position have been Cory Barlog, director of God of War, and Cliff Bleszinski, creator of Gears of War. “My God, really?” Barlog replied. “Do you agree with this damn Texas law that brings us closer to becoming a kind of dystopian religious state resembling Gilead? ”. It refers to the books and the series El Cuento de la Maid.

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