Shirley Arica on Rodney Pío’s trip abroad: “He didn’t even call to say goodbye”

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Shirley Arica on Rodney Pío's trip abroad: "He didn't even call to say goodbye"

Shirley Arica and Rodney Pío, father of her little daughter Skylar, continue their media fights. This time the model revealed that her still husband did not even call to say goodbye to their daughter before going abroad.

The Popular ‘Reality Girl’ decided to attack her ex-partner and did not want to remain silent when asked in the question and answer game on Instagram about whether the cousin of ‘Loco’ Vargas was complying with his daughter’s alimony.

“Now Pío is abroad and it seems that he is doing very well … He gives you Skylar’s pension”, was the question that one of his followers threw at him, in reference to the problems he has had with his ex-partner for the maintenance of his daughter.

“Jajajajajajajajaja if he didn’t do it here, imagine from there … He didn’t even call to say goodbye (to his daughter), he misses it (being close to his daughter) ”, He said ironically in front of the question and regretted that he has moved away from his little girl in this way.

Let’s remember that months ago Shirley Arica publicly denounced that Rodney Pío Dean did not send her the money she was entitled to to cover her daughter’s expenses. For this reason, the cousin of ‘Loco’ Vargas ran the risk of going to prison.

“Unfortunately she is so little brain that she does not think about it and does not know what harms our own daughter (…) She won’t let me see her, I must, yes, obviously I’m not passing on the same thing as before, but it’s not that I owe her that amount of money either “, indicated in this regard.

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