Shirley Arica returned to Peru and thus was the reunion with her daughter at Jorge Chávez airport | VIDEO

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The model Shirley Arica He returned to our country from Turkey after completing his participation in the program “El Poder del Amor”, a reality show where he came in second place. The popular ‘reality girl’ had an emotional reunion with her daughter, who waited for her at the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

As she was leaving the international arrivals gate, the model was surprised by her little girl, who ran several meters to catch up with her. Both sealed their reunion with an emotional hug that lasted several minutes.

The tender scene of mother and daughter was captured by the followers of the model and was quickly replicated on social networks. Shirley also had a warm welcome outside the air terminal where her fans awaited her.

Shirley Arica and her daughter were separated for several weeks due to the model’s participation in the Turkish reality show. Days before the end of the program, the businesswoman had asked her followers to stop voting for her because she wanted to get out of the competition.

The reason for her decision was that she could no longer spend time away from her little girl. “I have never been separated from my daughter for so long, and I miss her with my soul, it is natural what I am feeling, of wanting to go to be with her, kiss her and hug her“Said the influencer at that time.

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