Shocking Things We Bet You Don’t Know About Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers’ diverse cast constantly expands, including sly villains, nuanced anti-heroes, and the infamous crybaby protagonist. It is chock-full of physically imposing characters. Even someone who isn’t particularly powerful, such as Takemichi, possesses multiple vital attributes and may surprise an adversary in combat. 

Unstoppable Mikey is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked characters in the entire cast, even among the other fantastic characters. Mikey is both admired and feared in the middle of such deadly warriors. There are several causes behind this.

He is known to be the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang and one of its founding members. When he was the first generation president of the Gang in middle school, he was known by the nickname “Invincible Mikey.” He was unbeatable in a fight and still is in the present story arc. However, as shown in the Three Deities Arc, he has significantly reduced his inhibitions and become much crueler.

Mikey strikes a delicate balance between righteousness and wickedness. He is a strong moral leader and the head of a notorious biker gang. His family and friends are important to him, and he will make an effort to act in their best interests, whether they are working for or against him. Several times during Mikey’s narrative, significant figures in his life meet a terrible end, which forces him into a dark place. Although Mikey is quite crooked, we may argue that he is a good man.

Although Hinata is the primary impetus for Takemichi’s quest into the past, Mikey stays at the heart of the series’ central conflict. The courageous boss of Tokyo Manji Gang is a complicated figure with many facets to his personality. For those Tokyo Revengers fans curious about the renowned kid-leader, here are some amusing trivia facts about Mikey Sano that not everyone may know!

Tokyo Revengers: What makes Mikey so fearsome and powerful?

Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey’s muscular strength may be attributed to both his official training and his superior physicality. Since he was a little boy, Mikey has trained in martial arts at his grandfather’s dojo. Both his granddad and Baji have praised him as a natural talent. His innate endurance and reflexes, which were already impressive, were sharpened to much greater degrees by the training.

Some could consider his less-than-normal height to be a drawback. However, his diminutive stature affords him both strength and athleticism, two traits that Mikey is renowned for. His extraordinary leg strength is a result of the formal training’s development of his body’s balance and core strength. Additionally, Mikey has worked on his flexibility, which enables him to kick taller opponents.

Mikey is famous for preferring kicks over punches, and his hallmark move is a flash roundhouse kick to the temples of his opponent. Due to Mikey’s tendency to put his bodyweight, which is aided by his movement, behind the kick, the opponent is frequently knocked out by being slammed to the ground. Mikey can also punch well, and his little weight makes it possible for him to leap to impressive heights. 

In the first few chapters, Mikey is exceptionally powerful mentally in addition to physically. It’s more appropriate to say that when fans first encounter young Mikey, he has taught himself to be a rock for others and to hide what he views as weakness from other people. Naturally, there were a handful of exceptions to this rule; Draken and Takemichi were two of them.

But as the show goes on, it becomes increasingly obvious that his mental stability—and to some degree, his sanity—hangs in the balance and is reliant on other people’s survival. His boyhood companion Baji, his deceased brother Shinichiro, his younger sister Emma, his second-in-command Draken, and his junior Takemichi were among them.

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With that out of the way, let’s look at some Interesting Facts About Mikey!

Interesting Facts About Tokyo Revengers’ Mikey

His Name Has A Meaningful Interpretation

The significance of Mikey’s name goes well beyond merely enhancing his image as a nice man. “ten thousand” (man), “next” (ji), and “son”(ro) are all possible translations of Mikey’s first name.  This is perhaps a reference to his enormous strength and the fact that he can simultaneously exert the force of several men. To further emphasize his position as the irresistible member of Toman, his moniker Mikey, which loosely translates to “who seems to be like God,” is used.

Sano, the final name he was given, means “field, wilderness”(no) and “help” or “assistance” (sa).

Although He Is Well-Known, Folks Don’t Want To Date Him!

Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Japan enjoys conducting surveys to determine which anime characters are the most popular with viewers and which ones still have a ways to go. Even though Takemichi is the series’ protagonist and Mikey is effectively the face of Tokyo Revengers, Mikey is the worst boyfriend throughout the whole run of the show. As if that weren’t bad enough, he was also the second-worst spouse out of the top three!

Mikey may be the Tokyo Revengers fandom’s heartthrob, but they know to adore him from a distance since he can occasionally be a bit of a bother.

He Enjoys Sweets

Mikey’s overall charisma is greatly influenced by his innocent demeanor. Mikey frequently delights in indulging in sugary treats, particularly traditional Japanese pastries, just like a carefree child. Naturally, dorayaki and taiyaki are Mikey’s favorite sweets, which he whines over after accidently dumping them during a fight.

Mikey appears to especially enjoy azuki bean paste, which is used to make the pastry dorayaki, which comprises two pancake-like patties with sweet azuki bean paste sandwiched in between. His second favorite dish, taiyaki, is likewise made with delicious adzuki bean paste and a fish-shaped pastry.

Other than himself, he has no one to look up to

Mikey is among the rare people who are able to actually back it up all the big talking he is capable of, despite the fact that it may initially sound a little pompous. The first official personality book claims that Mikey has no anxieties and that he appreciates and admires himself. Each member of the Tokyo Manji Gang has a role model, and for the majority of them, that person is their boss, Mikey and for a good reason.

Even though Mikey occasionally acts a little out of control, he has a rather resilient personality both emotionally and physically given the stress and difficulties he has faced. Mikey battles on despite feeling a little shattered on the inside and has no desire to give in.

He can fall asleep almost anywhere

Mikey is not only powerful on the battlefield, but he also has the unsettling capability to fall asleep almost anywhere. Draken has to wake Mikey up in the mornings so that he can go to school, where he “charges” through all of his classes while sleeping. He takes another siesta during lunch break after eating at the school’s meal services. Then, with Draken by his side, Mikey rides his motorbike around town and attends to any Toman business until late at night prior to actually retiring to bed and beginning his peculiar cycle all over again.

Mikey appears to have a demanding day ahead of him, filled with courses, organizing meetings, and potential fights for his buddies. Anyone would be curious as to how he manages to keep up with such a rigorous schedule! The really straightforward explanation is that Mikey utilizes any and every occasion to grab some nap.

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Spicy Food is big “NO” for him

Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey’s pals frequently refer to him as “childish” or “childlike,” and they have a point! Even Mikey’s choice in food exhibits a childish appeal. In addition to having a sweet taste, Mikey detests hot food, like many kids.

Along with dorayaki and taiyaki, Mikey also likes omurice, a classic meal that is basically an omelet and fried rice, typically topped with ketchup. In addition to not being served with anything hot, omurice is well-known in Japan as a favorite dish for kids.

He is a relatively skilled motorcycle mechanic

Mikey is skilled not only in riding motorcycles but also in repairing and putting them together. Mikey and his older brother Shinichiro were close growing up. Shinichiro had his own bicycle business, S.S. MOTOR, and was a master mechanic.

Mikey spent a considerable amount of time with his brother at their bike business, where it appears that he eventually learned all the best motorbike maintenance techniques. After spending enough time in his elder brother’s workshop, Mikey was able to tune, put together, and mend motorcycles on his own.

We hope big brother Shinichiro is happy with him!

Mikey Tokyo Revengers’ talents and capabilities


Mikey has total authority over his members as the leader of Toman. Mikey’s presence may make the entire group stronger as a whole, boosting the strength of each individual and making Toman a very potent and dangerous foe to opponents.

Fighting skills

Mikey is regarded as Toman’s most strong member in Tokyo Revengers and may perhaps be the character with the most combat potential overall. His power and the respect he has gained from rival gangs of criminals are reflected in the moniker “the invincible” Mikey. With only one kick, Mikey is strong enough to repel the top gang members. His adversaries often remark that they find it hard to believe the man is only a teenager.

His famously destructive legs are the reason his kicks are sometimes referred to as “nuclear.” Mikey has incredible physical strength, which shows itself in a variety of ways, in contrast to his combat prowess. He can raise an entire person with just one of his legs, and he can use that same leg to deliver a devastating quick KO kick to an opponent, dispatching them both in a heartbeat.

Martial Arts

Mikey has true martial arts experience that has been drilled into him ever since the age of a youngster, in contrast to the bulk of criminals. Mikey was also praised for being a superb athlete. This is due to his unrivaled combat shrewdness, quickness, and reflexes.

His renowned move is a straight right-hand roundhouse kick that is delivered at breakneck speed into the opponent’s temple and has been known to stun even the strongest opponents. The kick snags the opponent’s head before slamming it to the ground. The majority of those who are struck by this kick drop out right away. Mikey may also use his left thigh to deliver the strike.

Endurance Level

Mikey has also demonstrated incredible endurance and perseverance. Mikey has been hit with blows that would easily knock out most people, yet he is able to throw the restraints off and keep fighting. We were knocked out but awoke rather fast. He was capable of knocking out an opponent with just a single headbutt after having already been repeatedly hit by pipes, demonstrating that his attack power remains unaffected even after being defeated and sustaining what could be a deadly injury.

Idealized influence

Mikey has a certain magnetism that is seen by both insiders and other offenders. As a result, Mikey is able to maintain order among his team and win the confidence of the other gang leaders. 

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While he has the ability to unify and unite the whole criminal underworld in his stead, this charisma is mysterious since it can also be manipulated and harmful. Third parties can exploit Mikey’s influence to promote their goals by twisting him into an evil force, creating some of the deadliest gangs in existence today, and acting as the true masterminds.

Mechanical expertise

Mikey Tokyo Revengers

When Mikey is an adult, his hair is short and black. Along with it, he has a dragon inscription on his neck, same like Takashi Mitsuya and Draken have. He is riding a CB205T that his brother Shinichiro Sano once owned.

The skillful mechanic Shinichiro’s younger sibling Mikey is capable of sharing his expertise in machinery, particularly motorcycles. Mikey is skilled at repairing and putting together motorcycle parts.

He is depicted in the most current timeline with short, white hair that is parted in the middle and the Bonten tattoo on his nape. It shares the same style as Izana Kurokawa, his adoptive brother’s earrings. 

Here is a quick overview of Mikey.

Real NameManjiro Sano
RoleFounder and president of Tokyo Manji Gang
Birth DateAugust 20, 1990
Age15 years old (past)27 years old (present)
Height162 cm (5 ft 3)
Weight53 kg (123 lb)
Star SignLeo
SiblingsShinichiro, older brotherEmma, younger sister
LikesDorayaki, taiyaki, omelet rice
DislikesSpicy food
Role ModelHimself

Personality of Manjiro Sano

Mikey is often a happy adolescent who enjoys making jokes and pulling practical jokes on people he regards to be his close friends. He loves them dearly and will stop at nothing to preserve their honor. He hardly ever displays any signs of weakness since he considers himself to be Toman’s pillar and support, and if the post showed evidence of weakness, Toman would also be damaged.

His demeanor radically transforms as Toman’s commander, becoming powerful and authoritative. While the members of Toman admire Mikey, they also have some kind of dread for him and his incredible strength. Mikey is also worried about Toman personally, as seen by his decision to organize the entire gang in order to get revenge on one of its members’ friends. Mikey remains a kid at heart despite his commanding presence as the captain of Toman. He has childlike instincts and enjoys napping whenever he wants.

Although he continues to be a very compelling leader, there is a gloomy undertone. Even in those situations where Mikey gives in to the darkness, he exhibits contradictory personality traits and actions. He acts with icy indifference and a poker face, executing several atrocities or somehow allowing his enforcement to carry them out. He appears drawn to and eager to enjoy a life of violence. He is even capable of injuring or even shooting dead close friends.

Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Battles fought by Mikey

  • Manjiro Sano vs. Nobutaka Osanai
  • Manjiro Sano vs. Shuji Hanma
  • Manjiro Sano vs. Kazutora Hanemiya, Chome and Chonbo
  • Manjiro Sano vs. Kazutora Hanemiya
  • Manjiro Sano vs. Taiju Shiba
  • Manjiro Sano vs. Izana Kurokawa


Mikey experiences a tremendous amount of character growth throughout the Tokyo Revengers narrative. We eagerly anticipate discovering what comes ahead of him in the future.

Even though Takemichi’s attempt to save Mikey has generated controversy, it is essential to remember that to Takemichi, “Mikey-Kun” will always be remembered as the man who roundhouses kicks a man twice his size while pledging to usher in a brighter tomorrow. What Wakui and the Tokyo Revengers do with Mikey after this is unknown; thus, we can’t wait for the second season to arrive soon.

We conclude that Manjiro Sano is, without a doubt, the most powerful character in Tokyo Revengers. He is also one of the series’ most feared characters and thus one of its gloomiest. Due to others’ confidence in his might, Mikey’s strength once allowed him to dream of a new generation of criminals. We hope this article fed you with all the information regarding Mikey.

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