Shocking Updates Out On Tokyo Revenge Season 2!! 

Tokyo Revenge Season 2

One of the most recent entries to the animanga industry’s “Revolutionary Anime” genre is Tokyo Revengers. And if you’ve seen the show, you already know that the buzz is well justified. Takemachi Hanagaki will time-travel once more in the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 anime TV series to battle the Black Dragons, a group that subverts the Toman from the inside out. Takemichi will essentially reveal the name of manga Chapter 79 to these gang members. 

The following season, dubbed the “Christmas Showdown Arc,” will pit Mikey’s biker club Toman against the Black Dragons, a formidable and vicious gang that has persisted for ten generations. After the previous season ended with significant suspense, the lead protagonist Takemichi will return as a Captain of Toman’s First Division as he attempts to save and defend those who are most important to him. 

Tokyo Revenge Season 2

Tokyo Revengers: Seiya Kessen is the official title of the second season in Japanese. According to BD/DVD distributor Pony Canyon, the official English title of the anime follow-up will be Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown.

Since voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki withdrew from Tokyo Revengers 2, Draken will now be portrayed by Japanese voice actor Masaya Fukunishi (Blue Period, Haikyuu!!). Fukunishi will also play Draken in a two-disc Blu-Ray box set that will be released in 2022 and a July 2022 repeat of Season 1 in Japan.

Here is all the information you want on “Tokyo Revengers Season 2,” but first, let’s evaluate season 1.

What’s the story behind Tokyo Revengers?

The fantastic shounen anime Tokyo Revengers features aspects of action and time travel. Takemichi Hanagaki, the protagonist of this anime series, is a freelancer whose life has fallen to the lowest point of despair. He learns that the brutal Tokyo Manji Gang had murdered Hinata Tachibana, his one and only middle school girlfriend. 

He is waiting on the subway platform the day after learning of her passing when he is ultimately forced into the tracks by a crowd of passengers. He shuts his eyes, believing he will pass away, but when he opens them again, he has miraculously traveled back in time, which was about 12 years. Takemichi intends to exact revenge on his life now that he’s back to relishing his greatest moments again.

Hanagaki Takemichi and the fabled Tokyo Manji Gang start with this. Let’s now go into the possibilities of the second season now that we are aware of the storyline and all the little elements, beginning with the official declaration and release dates.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date & Official Announcements

Tokyo Revenge Season 2

The second season of Tokyo Revengers is presently under production and is anticipated to air sometime in 2023. On December 18–19, 2021, Jump Festa, an event, was where the news was made.

Although a release date is not yet known, we anticipate it will happen by the end of this year.

Since the action occurs around Christmas, the title Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown likely alludes to the Black Dragon story arc of the manga series. Since the Christmas Showdown and Valhalla arcs are around the same length, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will likely be a single cour anime season.

You might be wondering what a “cour” is. A “cour” is three months of TV programming based on the actual seasons, which are often made up of 10 to 13 episodes.

Anime news leakers have also been alleging that the second season was already in early production even before the second season was officially confirmed. Sugoi LITE tweeted on December 3, 2021, “Tokyo Revengers TV Anime Season 2 in development. Toman anime hashtag. SPY tweeted, “Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Confirmed,” on December 12, 2021.

The talent management company of voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who had portrayed Draken in the first season, had already implicitly confirmed the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 anime before the Christmas Showdown arc had been formally revealed.

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Following the reports that Suzuki had an affair with a female employee in July 2021, the voice actor and his wife, Lisa, began to experience ill health. The voice actor earlier declared his withdrawal from all entertainment industry activities. After the issue became known, Suzuki was admitted to the hospital, but Lisa allegedly visited him there and professed her forgiveness.

Many anime fans were worried that Suzuki would not return to his role as Ryuguji Ken, aka Draken, in Tokyo Revengers 2, despite significantly changing his lifestyle and seeming to be making amends with his wife.

Expected Storyline for Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers

Renewing an anime is completely based on how well-liked it is. Regarding Tokyo Revengers, both the manga and the anime earned a number of compliments from their audience. It is a time travel-themed drama that is one of the many eagerly awaited shonen anime adaptations to have lately appeared. In the realm of popularity, Jujutsu Kaisen was beaten by this anime. 

It would make no sense for the anime not to return for yet another season. There is more than enough content in the manga for a second season. Once the last episode has aired, we may anticipate hearing something regarding Tokyo Revengers’ second season. 

Let’s now look at the possible plot for the series. If memory serves, the final scene saw Kisaki placing a gun directly over Takemichi’s head, at which point the screen went dark, and a gunshot was heard. 

This occurrence occurred when Takemichi was one of Toman’s top leaders in the future. And immediately following the shot, the series came to an abrupt stop. We don’t want to give away too much of what will happen now since doing so would be cruel. Let’s suppose what may occur in the series, though. As we all know, that gunshot could not have been the series’ last shot.

As we previously elaborated, Draken will now be spoken by Japanese voice actor Masaya Fukunishi (Blue Period, Haikyuu!!), while Tatsuhisa Suzuki departed from Tokyo Revengers 2 due to scheduling conflicts. 

In addition, Fukunishi will portray Draken in a 2022 two-disc Blu-Ray box set and a July 2022 Japanese rerun of Season 1.

The opening and closing tracks for Tokyo Revengers Season 2 have not yet been revealed.

Tokyo Revengers’ opening theme for the first season was “Cry Baby,” sung by Official Hige Dandism, and the ending theme was “Koko de Iki o Shite,” performed by eill.

Expected Casts for Tokyo Revengers’ upcoming second season

Tokyo Revenge Season 2
  • Yūki Shin; A.J. Beckles as Takemichi Hanagaki
  • Hinata Tachibana as Azumi Waki; Lizzie Freeman
  • Naoto Tachibana as Ryōta Ōsaka; Griffin Puatu
  • Manjirō Sano as Yū Hayashi; Aleks Le, Casey Mongillo (young)
  • Ken Ryūgūji as Tatsuhisa Suzuki; Sean Chiplock
  • Masataka Kiyomizu as Satoshi Hino
  • Atsushi Sendō as Takuma Terashima; John Omohundro
  • Tetta Kisaki as Showtaro Morikubo
  • Takuya Yamamoto as Yūya Hirose
  • Makoto Suzuki as Shunsuke Takeuchi
  • Kazushi Yamagishi as Shouta Hayama
  • Keisuke Baji as Masaaki Mizunaka
  • Takashi Mitsuya as Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Haruki Hayashida as Subaru Kimura as Subaru Kimura
  • Ryōhei Hayashi as Yukihiro Nozuyama

Spoilers & Leaks for Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi will replace Baji in Touman at the end of Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers. He now serves as the division’s captain, in other words. He is standing next to Chifuyu. The second season of Tokyo Revenger will start with the Black Dragons Arc, continuing the narrative.

This is yet another significant manga arc that provides insight into Takashi Mitsuya and Hakkai, the fourth founder member of Touman. Kisaki continues to be a part of Touman even though Takemichi does take over as the leader of the first divisions in the first season. It’s challenging for Takemichi to kick him out of the gang for several reasons.

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Takemichi attempts to go back in time, but when he triumphs at Bloody Halloween, he is let down. His friends’ and Hinata’s destinies remain unchanged. He discovers that his next important mission calls on him to prevent the Black Dragons from occupying Touman. Hakai Shiba, whose abusive older brother previously served as the leader of the Black Dragons, holds the key to altering this future.

In the forthcoming season, there will be several intriguing plot surprises. Manga fans are tremendously eager to see both the Tenjiku and the Black Dragon arcs animated. People who have read the source certainly adore new characters like Yuzuha. The following arcs will have a plethora of action, a cozy slice-of-life element, and tragic events that will bring the fanbase to its knees. It’s time to start getting excited about what the series has in store if you haven’t already.

Why 2023 is the anticipated release date for Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

Tokyo Revenge Season 2

The precise release date for Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has not been formally affirmed by Kodansha, Studio LIDEN FILMS, or any other organization connected to the anime’s development as of the most recent update. However, a Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown sequel’s formal confirmation of production has been made. According to the June 2022 teaser, the second season will debut in the winter of 2023, as predicted by Anime Geek.

It’s nearly equally stunning that there was no official notification when Episode 24 was published, as it had a cliffhanger conclusion. However, there were many reasons to anticipate the sequel early on.

Anime media leaker ChifuyuMatsun0 stated on May 18, 2021, that “Tokyo Revengers’ second season is already under progress. LIDENFILMS discovered gold despite low (output).

Even though it was a fair assertion based on the timing of the manga sales claims, even if no leaked photographs or other source proof was offered, there won’t be official statistics anytime soon, but you can take it for granted, ChifuyuMatsun0 also noted.

The news of an anime sequel was not unexpected, given how well-liked the Tokyo Revengers manga has become due to the anime. Around 8.5 million copies of the manga were in print as of March 2021. The series’ popularity increased to 14.5 million copies a month later, in April 2021.

Reviews for Tokyo Revengers have been overwhelmingly favorable from the start. The scores remained higher than usual even after the first few episodes were aired, suggesting potential bias. However, this is mostly because manga viewers were aware of what to anticipate due to the brilliance of the manga’s plot.

The Tokyo Revengers Blu-sales Ray’s in Japan were decent but not exceptional, which is terrible news. According to the Oricon chart, the first BD volume sold 2,942 copies in its first week. (Amazingly, the movie Blu-Ray for Demon Slayer: Mugen Train sold 1.3 million copies in Japan over the same period.)

More significantly, the anime’s episodes frequently ranked in the Top 10 of Crunchyroll’s list of the most popular anime. The main determinant of success is streaming income, and the Tokyo Revengers anime frequently appeared on Attack on Titan,  Jujutsu Kaisen, and My Hero Academia list.

The only remaining issue, given that anime productions are planned out years in advance, are studio availability now that it has been verified that the anime producing committee renewed Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers uncensored

Enthusiasts of the manga series Tokyo Revengers are advising fans of anime-only media to watch Tokyo Revengers in its entirety. But why, in the first place, do anime TV shows require censorship? While there is some extra blood, the major benefit of watching Tokyo Revengers without censorship is the way that censoring degrades many scenes’ overall visual quality.

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The fact that Crunchyroll’s Tokyo Revengers broadcast is truly filtered may surprise anime watchers. Crunchyroll France gave the reason why Tokyo Revengers could not be streamed uncensored.

“We censor nothing. This is the version Japan provided to us.” Episode editing and retouching are strictly forbidden, according to Crunchyroll France. The primary justification for the restricted episodes was left unexplained by Crunchyroll.

How the Tokyo Revengers censoring affects the level of animation?

Tokyo Revenge Season 2

A succinct text-based description of the historical distinctions between the manji and swastika may have been included in the anime’s beginning.

Instead, it appears that the anime production team or committee chose to self-censor to avoid potential backlash from Western fans. This is why Crunchyroll gets the episodes with pre-censored content. It’s also not a minor issue.

By Tokyo Revengers Episode 5, numerous sequences had a blatantly black screen due to censoring. This episode’s uncensored and censored versions may be compared to see how differently the scenarios are acted out.

The motorcyclists were hardly visible in several situations, character motions were sped up, and harsh lights were occasionally employed to obscure the details. In practice, this kind of censorship implementation entails drastically changing a lot of episodes, which is bad for the anime show. 

Critical sequences in the initial half of the anime TV season’s drama already lost their dramatic impact due to censorship.

The censoring issue will only worsen as more Tokyo Revengers episodes are aired. The manji symbol appears sparingly early in the narrative, but later on, there will be significant gang conflicts where numerous characters will be donning Toman garb.

Ratings & Reviews of Season 1

Although Crunchyroll doesn’t provide audience information for simulcast titles, it is clear that Toman is well-known worldwide. Tokyo Revengers’ first season has received ratings from over 337,000 users on MyAnimeList, earning an overall rating of 8.25/10. In contrast, it has received a 6.5 out of 10 rating from about 1.2 thousand reviews on IMDb.

Breakdown in Tokyo Revenger’s first season

Tokyo Revenge Season 2

Tokyo Revengers’ first season was nothing short of an absolute roller coaster. The series was animated by Liden Films. It is a comparatively new studio that has also worked on shows like Woodpecker Detective’s Office, Yamada Kun, and the Seven Witches. Liden Films has done a really good job with the animation in Tokyo Revengers. 

Many of the battle sequences were good. The bright tone of the entire anime, which I believed could be darker to reflect the anime’s topic, was the one thing that bothered me about it.

Any manga reader, however, would counter by saying that Liden Films did a good job at accurately executing the tale and animating the comic. With the very first three manga arcs, the first season came to an end. We witnessed Hanagaki’s development throughout the 24 episodes, from a timid middle schooler to a mature adult willing to risk everything to save Hinata. He seizes control of his life and shields his pals from the tragic destiny that awaits them.


Finally, Tokyo Revengers is coming back soon! It will, however, take some time. As you await for the Tokyo Revengers’ second season to arrive, we suggest reading the manga if you can’t get enough of the suspense. Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will continue the plot from Chapter 78 of the manga because the first season stops after completing the Valhalla arc. 

In January 2023, which is the winter 2023 anime season, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will be released. Up until then, a more thorough update and perhaps a release date will be offered by us! Stay tuned.

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