Shocking video: lightning struck a plane in Barcelona

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Undoubtedly nature has shocking phenomena that powerfully attract attention and that sometimes forcefully destroy everything in their path. One of these shocking moments was recorded thanks to the advances in technology through a video that recorded the exact moment when lightning strikes an airplane in the airport from Barcelona.

As it was made public through different portals, a person was able to record the exact moment when lightning struck an airplane during the last storm in the Josep Tarradellas Airport on Barcelona.

In the images that appear in this clip, it was shown that the planes are prepared to withstand the impacts of lightning and that otherwise the incident would have ended in tragedy.

It is that when lightning strikes an airplane nothing more than a scare happens, because the electrical discharge will not cause anything to the crew of an aircraft due to the way in which the airplanes are built. For a broader explanation, we will have to turn to science and physics Michael Faraday who investigated about the phenomena of electromagnetic induction.

But, according to estimates by the International Civil Aviation Organization It is estimated that at least 300 aircraft are struck by lightning every day around the world.

In this sense, the entity specified that these events are so common that the HIM-HER-IT has established an average, according to which a commercial aircraft can be struck by lightning every thousand hours of flight, so that the units are equipped to withstand this type of phenomenon and that there are no accidents or incidents that endanger the lives of the passengers.

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Why is an airplane resistant to lightning?

Specialized sites confirm that aircraft resist this type of phenomenon thanks to the Faraday cage, which provides the effect by which the electromagnetic field inside a conductor in equilibrium is zero, canceling out the effect of external fields. In this way, “when the conductor is subject to an external electromagnetic field, it becomes polarized, in this way it remains positively charged in the direction in which the electromagnetic field goes, and negatively charged in the opposite direction.”

But, in addition, it has also transpired that the conductor is polarized and an electric field is generated equal in magnitude, but opposite in sense to the electromagnetic field, so that the sum of both fields within the conductor will be equal to 0.

It is worth mentioning that this was established by Michael Faraday, who was a British chemist who studied electromagnetism and electrochemistry. And he is credited with discoveries including electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis that now allow airplanes to withstand the ferocity of the elements.

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