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Shop Similar Styles to Jennifer Lopez's Button-Up Short Sleeve Shirt

Shop Similar Styles to Jennifer Lopez’s Button-Up Short Sleeve Shirt

Welcome to The Blueprint, where we break down the celebrity looks we want to wear right now and build them back up, piece by piece.

Jennifer Lopez is the perfect picture of summer style. And thanks to one of her recent Instagram posts, I now have another outfit lined up for the rest of the season.

Whether I’m off to work in a coffee shop, brunch with my girlfriends, or spending the day working in the yard, catch me wearing a short-sleeve button-up shirt, some wide-leg pants, and some handy dandy flip-flops—her exact outfit combination.

Though it’s not uncommon for stars to wear long-sleeved button-ups in the summer (Martha Stewart and Reese Witherspoon are proof), a short-sleeve version boosts the breeze factor even more—and there won’t be a need to re-cuff and roll your sleeves every few minutes. Plus, Katie Holmes wore a similar style in the middle of summer, so you know it’s not just a one-off style.

J.Lo didn’t tag any of the brands in her IG post, but her shirt looks like it could be this now sold-out $400 top from Ralph Lauren. Besides the floral print, this $60 shirt from Nordstrom is right on with the blue and green stripes. The fabric is also “not itchy, too wrinkly, [or] rough at all,” according to one shopper; plus, it’s machine-washable.

Khakis used to make me think of school uniforms, but my whole perception is now skewed because of Lopez’s wide-leg pair. This similar style we found at Amazon is high-waisted, which means I can tuck in my shirt and show off my waistline without any midriff showing. And as a bonus, they’re going to flatter and elongate my legs with their drapey cut. The pants are available in sizes XS to XL, with longer and shorter inseams, if you prefer.

I wouldn’t think Lopez is a flip-flop fan, but she is—and, in particular, she’s a fan of Havaianas. And that makes this $30 pair all the better: They’re a dark neutral that won’t get stained by grass, mud, or wet sand, and they’ll keep my feet from getting both sweaty and dirty while spending time outdoors this summer.

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