Short and highly entertaining series on Prime Video, HBO Max and Disney + to watch this weekend

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The world is divided between those who prefer movies and those who entertain themselves with the world of series. In recent years, there have been three very marked paradigm shifts: The Sopranos defined the cinematic age of television, Lost changed the way in which series was consumed and transferred them to debates on the internet, and Netflix popularized full-season marathons. This new panorama was not favorable for fans of episodic fiction who do not have so much free time.

For those who prefer to watch series over movies, it is important that platforms such as HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney+ present alternatives with shorter productions. It happens that with such loaded catalogs, it is sometimes difficult to choose what to look at or find good proposals. From Spoiler we select one for each service streaming for you to enjoy in the next few days.

Homecoming (Prime Video)

After doing Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail He took an American podcast and adapted it for the small screen. Homecoming was created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, and is framed within the suspense that also knows how to generate Esmail, with a cool color palette, wide and off-center frames, and a soundtrack that immediately immerses the viewer. Starring Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James, and Shea Whigham, focuses on Heidi, a kind of therapist who helps soldiers reintegrate into society, when an auditor begins to investigate an anonymous complaint against the program Homecoming.

Between Men (HBO Max)

Set in the 1990s in Argentina, this four-episode miniseries is based on the novel by Germán Major. The crime drama focuses on an orgy that ends with a prostitute killed by an overdose. Everything will be recorded in a VHS that those involved will want to eliminate, and that will have as a participant a politician who can put his entire career at risk. Gabriel Goity, Nicolas Furtado, Diego Velazquez, Diego Cremonesi and Claudio Rissi they are the protagonists of the story.

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Monsters at Work (Disney+)

Inspired by Monsters Inc., the 2001 movie that got him Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, this ten-episode series is a sequel that begins the day after Monstropolis he stops feeding on the fear of children and starts to live on their laughter. The story focuses on Tylor, a monster who has just graduated at the top of his class and dreams of being scary, who soon discovers that those mechanisms are no longer used, so he will try to prosper as a prankster.

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