Should I Mix my Beats before Selling?

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As a beatmaker, at one point you probably have wondered if you should mix your beats. On one hand, mixed beats sound better and seem like a finished product to sell. On the other hand, the artist after buying your beat will use it for creating a song and will mix and master again, so why should I bother? Let’s hear the explanation from a professional audio engineer who has been doing online beat mixing for more than ten years.

The main reasons for mixing beats

As any product on the market, the beats you are selling must be in the best shape possible to appeal to the customers. 

There are two main reasons to have your beats mixed properly:

  • The first reason for mixing a beat is to make it sound like a finished product. 

When artists look through beats searching for a perfect music to buy, the main point that affects their decision is how professional the beat sounds, how up-to-date and catchy it is, how much it draws attention to itself. Your mix must be attractive and impressive, otherwise there is a very little chance for it to be sold. 

  • The second reason is to prepare it for adding vocals. 

When your beat is mixed well, leaving space for vocals, and the artist who bought your beat can easily create a song using it, the artist will look for more beats from you. 

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While the first reason will gain you a client, the second reason will make them return to you for more.

I can mix my beats myself

Mixing is easy at the first glance, and any smart producer like you can learn the basics of it quickly. A lot of tutorials are available online, where in 7-10 steps someone is describing how you can mix your beat easily yourself. But will it work?

If you want your beat to be outstanding, and much better than competitors’ products, first of all, your music must be mixed professionally. It takes years to become an experienced mixing engineer, and this is something you can’t just become overnight using a 10-step tutorial. 

If you find a reliable, professional online beat mixing and use the service, you’ll save your time and receive really competitive beat mixes that will have a greater chance to be sold.

Working in online beat mixing with hundreds of artists, we often see how badly mixed beats can ruin their songs. We hate to see artists’ disappointments, but there’s nothing we can do. No further mixing from us can help fix the mistakes beat makers have made and make the song perfect. 

On the other hand, we have mixed and mastered hundreds of songs with well-mixed beats, and this resulted in a highly enjoyable working experience, top-chart quality music, and happy clients.

What you gain when you have your beats mixed professionally: 

  1. Industry-level quality.

    Professional sound engineers can keep the highest quality of sound. They will make sure the mix is not muddy, and all the instruments are in harmony with each other.   
  2. Sound according to the newest trends.

    Find the person who not only has years of experience in mixing, but who also knows today’s winning trends for your genre and music in general. 
  3. Professionally created stereo image

    Panning is one of many tools and tricks that a good engineer uses to set instruments in space and make the stereo wide. Only the combination of the right actions and a well-trained ear can create a beautiful and naturally wide and breathing sound. 
  4. Perfect space for vocals in the beat

    Although some beats sound just perfect, it might not be easy to add vocals to them. Artists who buy beats like this get disappointed, because their songs don’t turn out the way they planned. A professional mixing engineer will make sure to leave good space for vocal tracks in the mixed beat.  
  5. Catchy tricks and an impressive play of sounds

    When mixing is your profession and talent, you always have some useful tricks up your sleeve to shape the sound and leave others wondering how you did it. The peculiarities and some unique shades will certainly be present in a professional mix, and it will look attractive to buyers.
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Happy customers are the ones who come back

In our mixing and mastering studio and online beat mixing services, we treasure customer loyalty above all. We love to work together with singers and songwriters for two, three, or five years producing more and more professional songs. We watch how amateur artists come to us and grow professionally in a year or two, gaining popularity and success. 

We constantly cooperate with music producers as well and do online beat mixing. We mix beats as appealing to artists as possible. As the beats sell, artists come back to the producers for more beats. Producers come back to us with more beats to mix and that’s how our long-term friendship usually starts. 

Working as musicians ourselves, we know the hardships beatmakers face and the difficulty of competing in the music market today. So our advice is to make sure your music production is professional and spotless on all its stages, and then a new great hit will have a great chance to start with your beat!

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