Should you include your vaccination status on your resume? This is what the experts say

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Covid-19 has transformed the world of work and little by little companies are returning to offices or adopting hybrid models, which combine days at home and days in person.

In this new phase of working life, those looking for face-to-face or hybrid jobs have a question that increasingly abounds: is it necessary to include the status of vaccination against Covid-19 in the curriculum?

For many job offers it is not only necessary, but it could be decisive whether or not they give you the position, even so that they take your application into account. Masks and vaccines have become indispensable requirements for several companies and many of the major large companies, such as Microsoft, Apple or McDonald’s, have issued their own vaccine mandates as a measure to make their employees feel safer during face-to-face work.

So it is up to the recruiters to evaluate the candidates without making them feel uncomfortable, but at the same time comply with the vaccination mandates of the companies.

Data from a survey of 1,250 hiring managers in August shows that 33% would automatically remove resumes that do not include a Covid-19 vaccination status. 69% of hiring managers said they are more likely to hire someone who is vaccinated against Covid-19 and 63% admitted that they prefer to see the vaccination status of candidates on resumes.

Maria Selvaggio, vice president of personnel at M1 Finance and leader of recruiting processes at companies like Google, told CNBC that the appearance of vaccination statuses in resumes has become “more and more frequent.”

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“Ultimately, it is up to the individual whether or not to include their immunization status on their resume, but you should know that you will be asked to share that information at some point in the hiring process. As more offices adopt mandates of vaccinations, revealing your vaccination status on your resume can help you in the interview process, “says the expert.

Including the vaccination status in the resume, or mentioning it at the beginning of a job interview can benefit you, since many times the recruiters will not ask you that question to avoid legal consequences and will simply reject your application.

Walter Foster, a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in the world of work, assures that including the vaccination status indicates to employers that you are a person sensitive to the challenging problem that companies are facing.

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