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Should You Watch "X" and "Pearl" Before "MaXXXine"?

Should You Watch “X” and “Pearl” Before “MaXXXine”?

The slasher-horror MaXXXine from Ti West is hitting theaters on Friday, July 5. It serves as the direct sequel to X (2022). But, the big question remains: do you need to watch X before diving into MaXXXine? And what about Pearl? Let’s break it down.

In MaXXXine, Mia Goth returns as Maxine, who is now more determined than ever to become a star. Her journey isn’t for the faint-hearted. She’ll confront anyone or anything that stands in her way, refusing to accept a life she feels she doesn’t deserve. If you’ve seen the first movie, you know exactly how wild and bloody Maxine’s story can be.

Yes, you may want to watch X before checking out MaXXXine in theaters!

Usually, sequels do a pretty good job of catching viewers up on previous events, making it easy for new watchers to jump in. However, that’s not the case with MaXXXine.

This film doesn’t hit the brakes. Don’t expect a detailed recap of everything you missed in X. There are some quick flashbacks, but they’re brief and not very explanatory. Fans of X will remember the details, but newcomers might find themselves lost.

If you plan to see MaXXXine this weekend, it might be in your best interest to rewatch X first. Or, make a day of it and watch X before heading to the theater.

Where to stream Ti West’s X

Unfortunately, X isn’t available on any streaming service at the moment. The only way to watch it is by purchasing or renting it on VOD platforms like Vudu, Prime Video, or similar services. While you’re on the X train this weekend, after watching X and MaXXXine, consider checking out the prequel, Pearl.

The good news is that Pearl is much easier to find than X. You have several options: stream it on Paramount+, Prime Video with a premium subscription, or Hulu premium.

MaXXXine hits theaters on Friday, July 5, and is rated R for strong violence, graphic nudity, gore, drug use, language, and sexual content. The film stars Mia Goth, Elizabeth Debicki, Kevin Bacon, Giancarlo Esposito, among others.

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