Sifu will require several runs to discover all its secrets

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Sifu is one of those games that attracted attention since its official announcement. Developed by Sloclap, this title will allow us to fight from the perspective of a true kung-fu master. During his journey of revenge, the protagonist will uncover some mysteries to consider, but not all of them will be revealed during the initial game. This is how Pierre Tarno, executive producer of the video game, has dropped it in an interview with MP1st:

“The duration of the campaign will vary depending on the kung fu skills of the players. Regarding the replayability value, there are a couple of secrets hidden in the game, so it may take several runs to understand ”everything.

No difficulty modes, at least at launch

Sloclap wants to make sure that Sifu is a challenging game for the player. In the same interview, the producer explained that the idea is for the user to learn, improve and adapt to the situation as they progress. Upon death, the protagonist has the ability to resurrect, so they must understand the mistakes and apply that learning in the following games. “They will need master the combat system”, He commented. Of course, although they will not include a difficulty selector when the game hits the market, the study does not rule out doing it later, although they do not guarantee that this will end up happening.

Sifu is in development for PS4, PS5, and PC, with a release planned for next. February 8th, after the date was announced (initially it was going to be commercialized on February 22).

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This action and martial arts title will put us in the shoes of a very young but expert warrior, who in his 20s will have to chase a group of murderers on a journey with the flavor of revenge.

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