Signal: Donations via the “Boost” function are intended to secure funding

The Signal messenger service has introduced a new function with which users can financially support the operators of the app – behind which the Signal Foundation stands. The user then receives a corresponding badge for the period of support. The users can have this “Boost” badge displayed in their profile and user picture with a minimum contribution of five euros. Once a person has not used Signal for a month, their payment will automatically stop.

Signal: support function

(Image: Signal)

The function is active for iOS from version 5.26 and for Android from version 5.27 and applies to all languages. To receive a badge, payment must be made using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Further payment options are planned for the future. In addition to this regular support, users can give Signal a “boost” at any time with a donation of one euro or more. The badge for the one-time boost is also active for 30 days.

According to the service, payment information is not linked to the Signal account through an anonymous verification scheme introduced for private Signal groups. The signal server should only be able to recognize that a payment has been made. The payment cannot be assigned to a specific user.



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