Silent Hill creator announces his new game, Slitterhead, and yes, it’s pretty scary: first trailer and details

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Bokeh Game Studio, the studio recently created by Keiichiro Toyama, known for being the creator of Silent Hill, revealed last night at The Game Awards 2021 gala the first trailer of his next horror game. Will be called Slitterhead, and this is its impressive, terrifying and strange presentation trailer:

The presentation trailer for Slitterhead is really disturbing, and we can already establish some theories despite the fact that very little information has been provided about the game. It seems to be set in Japan, where various people seem to transform into disgusting and terrifying creatures. who do not hesitate to attack other human beings.

Everything indicates that we will have to fight (or try to survive) against these skeletal monsters, although it is difficult to know just by looking at the trailer what exactly the premise of the game is beyond that everything seems to be really wrong and everything seems to try to kill you. Well, we expected no less from Toyama.

Keiichiro Toyama founded Bokeh Game Studio after leaving Sony Japan with Junya Okura (Gravity Rush) and Kazunobu Sato (The Last Guardian). He announced that the studio’s first project would be an action horror adventure, and showcased truly grotesque concept art. Toyama will be the creative director of the game., while Akira Yamaoka will be in charge of the music.

Few more details have been known about the game, which also does not have a planned release date or confirmed platforms. What do you think of the presentation? Worthy of its creators? It looks like we will know more about the game next year.

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