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Similarities between Arrow and Hawkeye months after the premiere of the Marvel series

The Serie Arrow tell the story of the millionaire Oliver Queen, interpreted by Stephen Amell, and how after being stranded on an island he is trained as a expert archer and returns to Starling City on a righteous crusade that will change him forever. The show gave way to a crossover of characters that fans knew as the arrowverse. In this way, the skilled archer met heroes such as Flash, Supergirl, Constantine Y Batwoman.

Hawkeye, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, debuted with a small cameo in the original movie Thor. Then it was the turn of the entries in the franchise of the Avengers. It is also a expert archerAlthough the movies don’t go into detail about character training. We know that he had a career as a spy alongside Black Widow.

Arrow and Hawkeye: Similarities

Arrow y Hawkeye They have similar abilities and characteristics such as their outfits, the ability with a bow and arrow, leadership, and strategy. However, they also maintain differences. Oliver Queen He’s a millionaire and is probably more accurate with the bow than Hawkeye. Clint Barton is more skilled than its counterpart of DC in hand-to-hand combat, as well as being an expert spy ready to infiltrate any organization.

Find out about the next premiere of the series Hawkeye by Disney+ November 24, the interpreter of Arrow, Stephen Amell, left him a witty message on Twitter: “Left-handed goalkeepers deserve a shot on TV”. Sure, in the comics Hawkeye he’s right-handed, but Jeremy Renner He’s left-handed and he interprets it that way in the MCU.

Graphic novels crossed the Avengers with the League of Justice and in that meeting there was a chance to see the most accurate archers of both universes meet. The competition between the two arose naturally until bored” to his teammates. Who do you think wins between Hawkeye Y Arrow? Surely the fans who always support their favorite character!

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